8 Things Only People With Straight Hair Will Understand
June 22, 2017

Every girl wishes to have perfect hair, especially that lovely silky straight hair. Some of us have been gifted (or not) with it, and the rest of us know at least one friend who experiences both the joy and woe of having straight hair. For the straight-haired girls, this should be relatable: 

  1. You save on salon expenses.

You save yourself the time and money spent at the salon since your hair looks simply amazing without any external effort. Even when you are too busy to spend time on your hair, it seems well-groomed and neat anyway. Whether the event is casual, formal, or fancy, you are always ready. You don’t have to apply hair products to keep your hair in place. Oh, such a relief!

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2. Humidity isn’t your enemy. YAY!

You don’t have to worry about how humidity will affect your hair. It doesn’t get frizzy or unmanageable, and that is something to be joyful about. While curly-haired people have to take certain steps to prevent their hair from getting uncontrollable and frizzy, your straight hair feels even smoother to touch when it rains. Hallelujah!

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  1. You don’t need any straightening chemical treatments.

Many people spend fortunes on hair straightening treatments. Luckily, all you need is shampoo and conditioner, and you are good to go! Procedures like hot oil treatments, hair spas, or hair masks help to make your hair even smoother and shinier, but there is no real need for them. For people with curly and frizzy hair, these treatments are a lot more important.

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  1. You can rock any hairstyle.

Short or long, you can pull off anything. Hair stylists love working on your hair because almost everything looks good on it. At least once in your life, someone has come up to you and offered to style your hair. It can be annoying, but you can’t deny the fact that being noticed is a good feeling. A little attention doesn’t hurt, right?

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What about the downside?


  1. Your hair may lack volume.

Straight hair has the tendency to look lifeless and flat. It can be styled using a round brush and blow dryer to give it a voluminous, luscious look. You may have tried to get your hair coloured or layered to give the illusion of volume.

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  1. Your hair cannot hold curls for very long.

The time and money we save on hair smoothening and straightening procedures are spent on volumizing and curling products. Straight hair cannot hold curls or waves for long, regardless of the amount of hair mousse, salt sprays, and hairspray used. 

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7. Bobby pins, clips, and ponytails are not your friends. 

These hair accessories constantly slide around and refuse to stay in place due to the silkiness of your straight hair. For such situations, a few layers of hairspray can work wonders. Ponytail dents are your enemies, ruining the hair’s glass-like shine. Moreover, a stray curly hair is very prominent and can ruin your neat look.

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  1.  Hair gets too greasy too soon.

You know shampooing everyday damages the hair, but you still end up doing it. Otherwise, your hair starts looking greasy. The alternate solution to this problem is using dry shampoo, which absorbs the grease.

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In conclusion, having straight hair is simultaneously a boon and a bane. Make the most of it!

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