7 Things To Enjoy While Winters Are Still Here
February 09, 2018

Won’t you all agree that winters are almost gone? Although some of you might not be too fond of the cloudy skies and chilly winds that characterize the winter season, there are a few things that can be enjoyed only during winters. Here’s a list of things you should do while winters are still here!

Lay In The Sun

Everyone who is not a winter lover would definitely enjoy basking in the winter sun. Sitting for long hours in the sun, eating moongfali and reading a good book is undoubtedly one of the best past times of this season. Everyone loves to laze in the sun during winters. Stack up on Vitamin D whilst the weather is still pleasant. Listen to your favourite music, eat your favourite food or just sleep, but make sure you enjoy the sun while you still can!

Enjoy Unwaxed Hands And Legs!

Dear girls, please wear your favourite jackets and coats while the weather is still cold AND enjoy the freedom of not having to wax frequently. You don’t have to worry about the undergrowth that stays even after waxing or the obstinate hair that grows back as quickly as you remove it. So enjoy unwaxed hands and legs while you still can! And when the summers set in, head to your nearest Glam Studio for a hassle-free and a painless waxing experience. 

Eat Gajar Ka Halwa!

Okay, Gajar halwa is definitely one of the best sweets ever! If you agree then do hit on that like button. It is that thing which keeps all the winter haters sane through the season. Besides Gajar halwa, there are a lot of other sweets that are available only during winters. So, all those who have a sweet tooth must wait eagerly for winters every year just so that they get to eat all their favourite sweets. All those who don’t like sweets can always enjoy hot pakodas with a spicy chutney.

Visit Gardens And Historical Places

Winter is definitely the best time to explore the city. Visit all those historical monuments and museums you have wanted to go to for so long. It’s beautiful and pocket-friendly. As soon as the summer arrives, everyone will anyway be heading towards air-conditioned shopping malls. Now is the perfect time for outdoor visits. Don’t delay the plans. If you can’t find a company, go solo, but GO!

Get A Hot Oil Massage

Winter is a great season to nurture your hair and skin with oil massages. It not only improves blood circulation but also makes your hair and skin smooth and shiny. Call up your nearest Glam Studios and book yourself a full body massage. You will experience luxury like never before!

Enjoy Hot Beverages

All the chai lovers have it throughout the year anyway but doesn’t it taste even more heavenly during winters? Winter brings out the true essence of chai. Be it masala chai, adrak ki chai, black tea or lemon tea, you have to enjoy each cup while winter is still here! For coffee lovers, enjoy some hot coffee while the weather is still favourable. Finally, for everyone, do not forget to get a mug of hot chocolate!

Snuggle With Your Cosy Blanket

How many of you use the cold as an excuse for getting up late, being late for work, skipping the workout and everything that’s not happening the way it should be? Well, we all do! And the best part is that some people actually accept these excuses because apparently, they use them too! So enjoy the casual routine while you still can and snuggle in your quilt and sleep!

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