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Glam Studios is India’s first chain of technology-driven and quality-conscious salons to suit realistic budgets of our customers. We are working towards making Glam Studios available worldwide and it is only the satisfaction of our customers that will get us there.

When you book a service with a Glam Studio near you, we do our utmost to ensure that your experience is pleasant and lasting. A relaxing ambience, pleasant staff and highly professional services, combined with the convenience of booking from your mobile phone or computer, ensures that you will be satisfied with our services at prices that you will love. Now everyone can afford to be truly glamorous.

Beware of being infected, their passion is contagious!

Team Glam Studios is the coolest, hippest and funniest bunch of people on the planet. Running on an unlimited supply of junk food, coffee and loads of passion, they zealously work towards changing the way the beauty industry operates and aim to make the woman-next-door look more beautiful by offering her the grooming services that suit her budget.

Our Team


Founder and CEO

Sadiya, is a graduate from IIM Calcutta. She tweets, likes, +1s all places, networks every day, and is a true social media addict. She is often immersed in the world of poetry and believes she has the power to change the world. A master strategist and a true process creator, she is always coming up with new ideas for doing things completely out of the box.

Our Team


Co-Founder and COO

Darakhshan, a Fashion Management Grad from NIFT, Delhi, buys a lot of fancy shoes and does it almost every day. She also knows how to create magic with the team and brings out their absolute best! We are intrigued by her wicked communication skills yet love it when she exclaims "Shucks". Oh Shucks! We forgot to mention, her love for shoes is surpassed only by her passion for Glam Studios.

Our Team


Co-Founder and CTO

Feeroz, is a graduate from IIT, Delhi. Working with him is like watching a movie at quadruple speed. Everything he does is so fast that we can’t tell when he makes things happen. We really don’t know when he comes and goes, the only thing we know for sure is that his code works like magic, and that's what really counts for all our partners at Glam Studios!


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