All Brides Need Pre-Bridal Treatment. Here’s Why
January 23, 2017

You have cross-checked twice with your wedding planner. The cake is ready, the mandap decorations are ready, the florist is going to supply a fresh batch of carnations on the day of first thing in the morning, and thankfully the caterers don’t have a problem. Your lehenga lies shining in your bedroom, reminding you of how soon you will get to don it (not that you haven’t done it ten times already). You had your big day planned weeks (perhaps years) ahead, and you won’t be letting anything stop it from being as perfect as it was in your dreams.

You, are a bride-to-be, with rose-tinted glasses that sees dreams of a picture-perfect wedding with her beloved. You, have been dreaming about this day since you first realised the magic of weddings, and how beautiful the bride looks on this day. You, don’t want anything to ruin this joyous occasion for you.

This may seem like a very happy time, but we also understand the kind of stress you are under, given your need to maintain absolute perfection on this day. There is not a minute’s relaxation, and even if you get to catch a breath, there is something or the other you end up worrying about.

In such times, it is easy to forget the real important things. No, we don’t mean the joy of getting married and finally getting to spend your life with your soulmate. We mean things like perfect preparations for a day so important to you! And not just preparations of the venue or the party, but preparations of your body.

We all know that every bride wants to be the most beautiful woman in the room on her wedding day, which, given it’s her wedding day, is a reasonable request. To do so, just taking a shower and donning your lehenga is not enough. It’s not nearly enough. There are so many preparations that go into making a bride look as perfect as she appears in photo albums, and all these preparations can be found under the umbrella of a Pre-Bridal Treatment.

Pre-Bridal Treatment

A Pre-Bridal Treatment involves sessions where your body is cleaned, your eyebrows are threaded, extra hair is waxed, your skin is exfoliated, and even your nails are buffed to perfection. Why? The easiest answer is to make you look good. We just spoke of how this is the day you have been waiting for all your life. It is a day that will be documented and watched ages later, when you are slightly old and wrinkly and have grandchildren. It is the day you will look back on during every important moment of your life, for it was the day your new life started as you stepped into a relationship with your one true love.

Do you wish to tarnish the memory of this important day through stray hair, or a badly done eyebrow job, or even chipped feet? Imagining pulling your lehenga up for grab pravesh only to see your toenail is chipped- what if that gets clicked?

Pre-Bridal Makeup

More importantly, you need to relieve the stress of organising your wedding. A Hair Spa session, a good Body Massage, a clean wax that makes you feel your smooth and soft skin as you move— these are things that will relax you far better than a meditative therapy could. A pre-bridal treatment not only prepares your body for your big day, it prepares you mentally as well because you don’t have to face any last minute dilemmas or threading sessions done by your best friend of a stray upper lip hair.

Thus, book your pre-bridal session now and gift yourself some much-needed mental respite on your wedding day!