The Truth About Anti-Dandruff Treatment
January 24, 2017

Dandruff is typical especially during winters, and consequently, a big issue for people with oily scalp. For obvious reasons,  nobody likes to keep a check on their shoulders and rub off flakes now and then.( Blows your self-esteem, right?). And when home remedies fail, the solution for this dandruff is anti-dandruff treatment.

Usually, people are very sceptical about anti-dandruff treatments at Salons, as they consider it ineffective. However, let us tell you the inside story, and most importantly the truth.

  1. You can’t expect 100% no show of dandruff in the first sitting. Anti-dandruff treatments have been proven to reduce up to 70% dandruff in one sitting, but here’s the thing: these treatments need to be done regularly, and it is equally important to not leave the treatment in between or not to miss the sittings in between. The chances of dandruff haunting you back increase if you do so.  
  2. Maintenance of hair and scalp after the treatment is critical to ensure the dandruff doesn’t come back. Some Salons offer a treatment called Scalp Renew, which is essentially microdermabrasion that sloughs off scales and gives you a fresh scalp. Such treatments really help to get off with dandruff, if all their post-treatment instructions are followed religiously. Dandruff arises from ill-maintenance of the scalp, and scalp is what these Salons target. They exfoliate your scalp and cleanse it, so as to reduce dandruff. This also reduces excess oil from the scalp and stop dandruff buildup from the scalp.The scalp is the root of dandruff, and it is not possible for us to target and cleanse the scalp the way professionals do. It is, therefore, necessary that you get a treatment done as per your scalp condition. If you are unaware of your scalp condition, walk in a Professional Salon to get your scalp tested.Anti-Dandruff Treatment
  3. Eat Clean: But, such treatments alone cannot fix dandruff. You need to have your vitamin rich diet, especially vitamins A, B and C, as they help in keeping the scalp healthy. They also support the immune system which helps fight dandruff. Ingredients like apricots, leafy vegetables, etc. are a good way to ensure proper intake of these vitamins.


A healthy diet and an anti-dandruff treatment followed regularly can thus help you get rid of dandruff, and restore your self-esteem.