5 Myths about acne you need to know
February 16, 2017

We all have experienced acne as teenagers and have probably heard all sorts of advice and theories on why it’s there and what you should do about it. We can’t help but agree that we have tried those home remedies and DIY treatments  to get rid of them.

Most of us were told : “ you eat such oily food” ,”you should wash your face more often” ,or  “cut down the junk food!”.

There is a lot of conceptions and misconceptions out there about acne. What we used to know as teenagers or what we think we know now about acne is probably a myth. Here are some common myths.

 Acne goes away with teenage.

Oh we wish! It’s understandable why most of us think that with teenage, acne goes away for good. But that’s not the case. Since, majority of adolescents come across some form of acne, they feel they “own it”. However, in some cases, acne gets worse after teenage, thanks to hormonal fluctuations.

Keep washing our face… Constantly!

A general rule is to  avoid scrubbing the face too much as that can irritate the skin. Moreover, just wash your face twice a day with mild soap and water and pat dry gently. We often get to hear “ You should wash your face more often”, but they don’t realize that  we  probably are the most hygienic people on earth. Although washing our face removes dirt and oil from pores and eventually lead to less acne but that doesn’t mean we have to wash our face too much. It can lead to dryness and irritation causing more breakouts and hence more acne. BIZARRE!

Popping pimples will help them go away faster.

Popping the pimple may look like  a temporary solution but it can lead to occurrence of a flare of acne. By squeezing zits and pimple, we actually push the acne causing bacteria into our skin, spilling inflammatory gunk into surrounding tissues, causing redness, swelling and scarring. Some scars last for months but some tend to stay forever. So now, can we stop picking at our faces?

Don’t eat chocolate or drink soda!

Although there’s a bridge between diet and acne, its not fair to let chocolate be the bait. Essentially any food with a high glycemic index ( like sweets, breads, and pastas) can increase blood cortisol levels and worsen acne. The problem isn’t in the cocoa but in the sugar and dairy that’s added. So who ever tells us or intervenes us while eating chocolate, just hand them one and ENJOY!

Acne will go away on its own.

Sorry to break your bubble but its a huge myth. Doing nothing can cause the situation to get worse. All our lives, we are told not to touch it and just let the acne be! But no… this condition can’t be ignored. Mild treatments such as benzoyl peroxide on the pimple/zit works best and they are especially affected if started early. So hush hush!





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