5 Makeup Tricks You Must Master Before You Get Married
February 16, 2017

Tensed about having the perfect look on your big day? Having a summer wedding and afraid that your Makeup will get ruined before your big event? Worry not. We bring to you some great tricks and tips to ensure that you look absolutely stunning on your wedding!

Waterproof Makeup is a Must

Weddings are a watery affair, and it’s not possible to have a wedding without shedding a few tears. Either buy all waterproof products, or buy a single cosmetic that will seal all your Eye Makeup, liner and all. Don’t forget the waterproof mascara! Even if you want to go for the normal variety, apply the waterproof one as a last coat to protect your mascara. Also, if you’re wearing fake eyelashes, remember to use glue that’s waterproof too.


The Bridal Blush

You can go for a cream blush if your skin is not too oily and the wedding is in winter. It has a sheer and fresh look. To know where to place your blush, just smile! Yes, that’s right. When you smile, the apples of your cheek pop out. Apply your blush right there and blend in with your temples to get that natural flushing look. For increased stay, put on cheek stain, and then brush on a matching powder blush on top.

Get Dramatic, Enhanced Eyes

Buy a color-coordinated eye shadow palette with 3-4 shades of a colour matching your outfit. Start by applying the darker shades on the outside of the eyes, going lighter as you work your way in. this will make them look big, bold and beautiful instead of closing them off. An important tip to remember is that if you mess up your Eye Makeup, take a little Makeup remover on a cotton swab and use it to clean it up. Using a wipe might ruin your foundation and concealer.

Eye Makeup

Foundation with Fingers is a No-No

Always apply your foundation using a brush or sponge. Never use your fingers to do that. The rule of thumb is that the less you touch your face, the better. This way, you don’t risk leaving dirt, smudges or bacteria on your face. You can also leave behind fingerprints, ruining the smoothness of your look. When using a sponge, stipple it instead of sweeping it, to blend the foundation more evenly into the skin and give it a natural look.

For That Perfect Pout

Apply some lip balm on your lips before the gloss or lipstick to prevent them from looking chapped and flaky. Fill in your entire lip with a lip pencil to make your colour stay on for a longer time. If you’re planning to wear just a gloss, think again. It will fade quickly, and will make you look washed out in photographs. Choose a nice lip colour matching your dress, and which suits your complexion. Blot your lipstick with a tissue for an even look. Add a touch of gloss to finish it up.