Waxing myths busted
February 18, 2017

Who doesn’t want a soft, subtle, clear and hairless skin? Well, the obvious answer is, everyone does. But wait, what’s stopping us from getting the hair on our body removed? The various myths we’ve surrounded our brains with, formed out of the figments of our own imagination. It is because of these myths that we find the most common method of hair removal- waxing, dissatisfactory. This supposedly ‘self torturous’ method that was apparently invented by the Ancient Egyptians has gained popularity among women and is making its way through the mens’ world too. However, there are still people who wouldn’t want a sticky paste to be spread across their body and pulled out  with a strip of cloth just because they ‘think’ its inconvenient and harmful.


Myth: Waxing hair makes more hair grow back. 

Fact: NO. This is probably the most widespread myth of all.You already have all the hair you will ever have. The texture is already decided by your genes and hair removal cannot change that. Hair growth leaves behind cells to regenerate and when you wax, you repeatedly pull out hair which in turn does not leave any cells behind for hair growth. So aren’t you really getting lucky?Thus, more Waxing means less hair. 

Myth: Waxing causes wrinkles.   

Fact: No, Waxing does not cause wrinkles if your skin is held tightly and properly while waxing. You just have to make sure that it is properly held taut and voila, welcome to the wondrous world of waxing.

Myth: Other methods of epilation are less painful than waxing.                                   

Fact: Waxing stings. Yes, it does. But pulling hair out of your body by any method, be it using tweezers or anything else, will sting. It’s not the wax being removed that stings, it’s your hair being pulled out and that’s what you want, right? 

Myth: You cannot wax your eyebrows.

Fact: Your brows aren’t exactly identical and if you wax a few strays of hair above the brow line, it can give you a more symmetrical and defined look. However, you may not need it and a good professional can advise what is best for you. 

Myth: You have to wait for the hair to grow really long before you get waxed again.

Fact: Again, a stupid myth. The hair growth needs to be only one fourth of an inch for body hair removal and most people gain that in about two weeks. Hence, Waxing should be done every month for best results. 

So here we’ve revealed all the secrets about waxing that lay hidden below that myths until now and we’re sure you won’t have any doubts anymore! Go waxing!