5 Makeup Essentials That You Should Never Leave Home Without.
April 24, 2017

Do you ever find yourself frantically searching through your handbag only to find that you don’t have what you need? Well, you needn’t fret anymore. This is the guide to the five essentials of a well-packed purse – things that will keep you organized, fix a Makeup malfunction, or save you from the pains of bad mascara or clumpy liner.


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They are the most basic essential that one should carry at all times. Wet wipes are your savior on a hot and sweaty day. You can also use blotting paper that will wipe the extra oil or sweat off your face without affecting your Makeup.

A face spray or mist can also be used for the same purpose. These are helpful when you wanna refresh your look in a mid-summer day when you can’t wash your face and get ready again.

Lip Balm/Stick

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A lip color is all you need to look Makeup ready in an instant. You must have your favorite lipstick with you, always. There is that one color that suits you perfectly.

The nude one or the prettiest pink or be it the blood red lip shade that adds oomph to your look. Lipsticks are the most basic and the must have.   


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If you love big, bold dramatic lashes then mascara is one product you need 24/7. They help to enhance your Eye Makeup. Mascaras add volume to your lashes giving them a longer, fuller and thicker look. They are perfect to brighten up your look without any pains.


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Those tiny little bottles of perfumes that you have always ignored might come handy in situations when you realize that your scent has worn off. They don’t last all day long and carrying a small bottle of your favorite scent is just perfect.

Hair Tools

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Your hair is the one thing that can completely transform your look. So, you always need to have your hair essentials. Your hair brush, a band or a hair clip all the hair essential you need must be with you at all times so that you can revamp your look at any possible time.

Oh, and if you have multiple handbags that you switch between, try leaving some basic essentials in each of your bags to make switching purses faster.