10 Totally Absurd Beauty Myths: Busted
April 25, 2017

From Eye Makeup to Hair Care products, most women spend thousands of rupees every month on beauty products that make us look more radiant, younger, and prettier. Willing to cross the seven seas and oceans, a few leave no stone unturned and opt for uber-costly international brands over domestic counterparts.

Apart from the tons of cosmetic Beauty Treatments, we even turn to ‘Nani-dadi ke nuske’. And then there’s the internet – haven’t all of us stumbled upon beauty tips and blogs (just like the one you are reading) and tried hooking them onto our beauty routine?

But, in the age of unreliability, most of what you read and hear (from self-proclaimed beauty blogger tips to handy tricks laid out by beauty brands) are Beauty Myths.

It’s extremely important for you to get rid of these myths, lest you spent hours on that so called ‘expert’ beauty routine. So, let’s have a look.

Wearing Make-Up Every Day Will Harm Your Skin


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While the no make-up days are a relief for your skin; but that does not mean all makeup is bad for you. It is an added weight on the skin but to prevent that from messing up your skin, all you need to take care of is removing make-up before sleeping. Apart from that – you’re fine. Go dab on that rouge!

Moisturizers Are Only For Those With Dry Skin

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Fact: Moisturizers are manufactured according to different skin types; there’s the normal skin kind, the oily kind, and the one for dry skin types too.

In all of these, key ingredients vary hugely. For example, you’ll have jojoba oil extracts for the dry skin variant, while for oily skin you might have cucumber extracts. Moisturizing your skin every day is essential if you want to keep the skin supple; so do yourself a favor, and get yourself a tube of the stuff today!

Dark Circles Mean You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

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This one’s nobody’s fault really, for we are told by almost everyone that dark circles are caused due to lack of sleep. But, more often than not, dark circles are a genetic condition we inherit from our parents.

The gene responsible for it, makes the vein concentration beneath the skin very thin under the eyes, as a result of which, fluid gets filled in that part, making it look puffier.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sleep properly, grab your beauty sleep, anyway.

Expensive Beauty Products Are Better


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This is a myth that has long been accepted widely across the globe. People believe that more expensive beauty products have ingredients that are exotic and hard to find and therefore, they are better.

Now, this is totally untrue. There are many local brands offering the same thing at literally half the price. Those big expensive brands come with expensive advertisements too, the cost of which is ultimately borne by the consumer. Stop with the brand worship, it simply isn’t worth the punch to your pocket!

Once Your Hair Gets Accustomed To A Shampoo, It Loses Effectiveness

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It may be a good habit to change your hair product every few months – you get a different scent, you might be more compatible with the new product. But, there is no hard-and-fast rule that you HAVE to.

If your shampoo is ineffective, it’s probably because you’re using the wrong shampoo type. And if it is super-effective, you’ve got a good thing going, why ruin it?

Trimming Hair Often Will Help It Grow Faster

Trimming Hair

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There’s a need to apply common sense here. For, when you get the tips cut, dead ends are removed… but hair grows from the roots so chopping your hair off is not a cue for your roots perform better.

P.S. Trimming does get rid of split ends.

Shaving Extensively Will Make Your Skin Hair Grow Darker, Thicker and Faster

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Nope. And it’s actually the other way round. The more often you shave, the smaller the hair growth. Also, the hair growth pattern is completely genetic and is based on our DNA inheritance, not on the shaving blade.

Drinking Oodles of Water Helps Dry Skin

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It is one of the most popular myths that drinking copious amounts of water will help ease off the dry skin. It certainly aids to the fact (everything in moderation is good) but is not solely responsible.

It will make your skin look clearer, but you need to avoid smoking, extensive sun exposure, drying cosmetics, and the list go on.

Natural Products Don’t Harm The Skin

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Most people believe herbal is the way to go. That, herbal cosmetic products are completely natural, good for skin and is deemed harmless. But that is not the case.

You end up buying a lot of herbal cosmetics but you never know, some herbal ingredients might be harsher than chemicals; lemon for example. Their acidic nature may burn the skin for some people. Choose your cosmetic in accordance with your skin type.

Lip Balms Can Make Lips Dry

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Once you apply it, the more you are going to need it; say some ‘experts’. However, lip balms and tints have agents in it that make the lips super-soft, prevent chapping and give them a nice sheen.

You can’t believe everything you read on the internet (even this one for that matter, duh, just joking). Your skin or hair is not intelligent, but you are.

Don’t fall into the trap of considering everything, because some blogger, somewhere, wrote about it. A little bit of common sense can go a LONG way in ensuring great skin. Click here to read more such blogs so that you don’t miss out on amazing beauty tips and to see our pictures click here.