The Right Aftercare For Rebonded Hair.
April 25, 2017

If you are dying for silky straight hair but are not among the few who possess it naturally, you might have already considered Rebonding.

And when you asked your friends and family for advice, you must have gotten a plethora of responses. From “Go ahead. You’ll love it. It’s perfectly safe” to “Do NOT damage your hair permanently – it will cause hair fall”, you really do not know whom to believe.

You can minimize the damage keep your rebonded hair healthy by taking good care of it. Here are a few ways to do it:

Do Not Shampoo Immediately Afterwards (!)

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You cannot wash your hair for a few days after the procedure. A minimum of three days is a must. Yes, your hair will become greasy but you must hold on.

Keep It Loose


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Once you have gone for Rebonding, do not mess with it for six months at the least. Hair coloring, highlighting, streaks, everything can wait.

You can’t experiment with hairstyles with your new straight hair. Let it relax and leave it loose at all times. Avoid tying your hair at all (at least for a month), even tucking it behind your ears is a no-no. Keep your hair straight when you sleep.

The How And When Of Washing Your Hair

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Consult your hair expert for the right shampoo and conditioner. As soon as you started washing your hair, make sure you wash it appropriate to restrict the residue from clogging the pores of the scalp, by doing this can also help in preventing scalp itchiness, hair-fall and dandruff as well.

Use a conditioner to add moisture to your hair. A leave-on conditioner will keep your hair hydrated at all times. Plus, it will protect and nourish your hair.

If you are used to shampooing your hair daily, then this habit needs to change. Do not go for washing until it is oily.

Get Them Trimmed Regularly

Hair Trimming

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Regular trimming ensures that there are no split ends. Dry hear at the ends could travel up and damage your hair further.

More Moisture, Please

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Give your hair oodles of moisture. Wash with cold water as hot water could rob it of moisture. Oil your hair when you can. Always, always use a leave in conditioner for more moisture.

Use hair masks or get hair spas done for an extra dosage of moisture. Dryness is the devil, my friends.

Use A Wide-Teethed Comb

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When combing use a wide teethed comb. Do not use a brush as it can damage your hair. A wooden comb in place of a plastic one is a good call.

Make Serum Your Morning Habit

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Hair serum will act as a shield, protecting your hair from pollutants present in the environment. It keeps the hair hydrated.

Avoid Getting Caught In Rainwater

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The pollutants dissolved in rainwater can cause damage to your hair. If you do get drenched, wash your hair thoroughly as soon as you get back home.

No More Heat

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Keep your hair away from heating devices. Avoid blow drying whenever possible. Using a cold blast of air is recommended.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Hair

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Try to have a balanced diet at least once a day. Focus on fruits and vegetables and try to avoid junk food as far as possible. Increase your intake of proteins, as that would benefit your hair and maintain its health as well.

Your hair will take up more of your time and require all the care you can give it. So it is not for someone who doesn’t have the time. Taking care of your hair after a Rebonding treatment is an absolute must. So if you are the carefree, wild chic with wavy hair- sport them as they are. Want to know more about hair Rebonding, click here.

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