10 Ways To Wear Your Eye MakeUp This Summer
May 02, 2017

In 2016 we had the trend of no Makeup looks – a lot of nudes shades being flaunted, and all things unblemished when it came to Makeup, but those fashion dos are well past their prime.

The summer of ‘17 has brought with it rich tones in Makeup, especially eye decoration. Back are the false eyelashes, all things glittery and electric-pop and bold colours. (Especially the glittery part.) And according to style gurus, the glitz is here to stay. But thankfully, so are some minimal Makeup looks.

We bring to you 10 of the most fabulous Makeup trends to follow for your blinkers this summer.  

Coral Eye-Liners


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This summer, it’s all about coral-y colours in your vanity. (Cobalt blue is one we’re totally fangirling over.) Line rims of your eyes and the lash lines with this electric, bold colour and get ready for swooning compliments. The look is going to make you look a lot fresher minus a hundred makeup products.

Smokey Eyes

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One Eye Makeup trend that’s never going out of style is the smokey eye. Perfect with almost any colour you please, this is the go-to retort for dinner dates, extravagant parties and even goes perfectly with traditional Indian wear! Just pick a shade, grab its lighter and darker eyeshadow and the rest is smudging game. Oh, and the plus? It makes your eyes look dramatically bigger.

All Things Blue

Eye Makeup

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The neutral make-up is passé. Blue is in. Blue with a combination of dove grey, electric blue, cyan, sparkling navy blue; all is in this summer. Use it any way you want and it will brighten up your face instantly. A light eye-shadow or an intense ashen eye effect, or just a dash of cobalt kohl will do just enough to jazz your look up.

Bold Liners

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Summery colours aka hues of emerald, cyan, bronze and the even the sparkles in these shades have given a new definition to Eye Makeup this summer. Paired with a red lipstick, blue eyeliner is bound to be one of the killer looks of this season.

Liners these seasons are witnessing a change. Not just above the lash line, but under the waterline, over the lash line, and just below the brow, liners are going to change the game.

Colours Peeking On The Lids

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Colouring the whole eyelid is a thing of the past. It’s partial colouring this season. Bright summery colours, painted on the lids in a way that they are just peeking from the visages is the way to go.

Stars And Sparkles

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Stars and glitter on eyes are a hot trend this summer season. Not just silver and gold shades, but the shimmer in all colours giving away a bejeweled appearance are in. (In addition, sequins and rhinestones on the eyes have become a statement among Hollywood celebs this season.)

On the eyelid, below the waterline, above the brows, shimmer and sequins will rule the eye make-up looks by far!

Glitter Tears

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Glitter tears have become the haute of this season. Spotted at the New York Fashion Week early this year, glitter tears, with sequins right under the waterline to imitate tears have become a fiery trend apt for summers.

For a rise in popularity, this will give you the perfect edgy, neo-grunge look. 

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A very suave way of doing up your eyes, this will let you bring the white crayon out to play! Use the white eye shadow to create faux white wings that will elevate that beach look for the summer giving an abstract hue!

Under Liners

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Never been brought out to use, the underliner has suddenly found application vividly. Applied only JUST underneath the waterline, under the liner, especially in black has been signified as a fearless look by fashion gurus. Also, it gives you a neat look without much fuss.

Flirty-doll Lashes

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All we women have been a sucker for the lush, curly lashes on our dolls. 2017 is a dream come true with faux eyelashes giving you flirtatiously longer and thicker eyelashes. Pair them with a dark lipstick, mauve or blood-red maybe, and you’re all set for the evening.


So, go on! Look effortlessly chic with the handiest of eye make-up tips that will set you right out the pack – oh and keep up with the tabloids so you never run out of inspiration. To attend our free Basic Makeup Workshop Click here. 

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