Should I, Shouldn’t I? : Pros & Cons of Using Eggs in Your Hair
May 12, 2017

Fact: An egg contains almost all 14 amino acids required to make proteins in our body – the building blocks of our body, hair, nails; almost everything.

Protein is your friend, and the humble egg, (our most loved super-food) is used extensively in cooking. But going beyond the kitchen, eggs also have a role greater than just filling our stomachs.

These have been used by women for hair treatment for quite some decades now. Mostly, it is the egg yolk that is brought to work on hair; however, hair experts reckon that the whole egg can be used.

But, not everything about this technique is a boon. There’re a few negative consequences to using eggs on your head too. In fact, the raw product has tons of infection-causing bacteria which only get killed by heat; this might cause severe infections in the scalp you use cold water. Most of these are caused by the egg whites, and not the yolk.



So, we bring to you a list of the pros and cons to using egg as a shampoo. Going through them is sure to help you make the decision:


  • Easy and smooth both on time and money. It does not cost you much and is easy to apply, right out of the bowl you crack it in.
  • The protein-rich egg will make your hair stronger and prevent them from getting damaged and breaking; also preventing split ends in your hair.
  • The egg is a natural conditioner with natural moisturiser in it that keeps the frizziness of your hair in control and makes the hair smooth and glossy; ergo, much manageable.
  • The natural oils in the egg make your hair shine like never before.
  • Applying egg whites to your hair, if you have oily hair may curb the oiliness of your hair, making it more manageable.
  • The egg yolk application to your hair will give your hair more bounce and volume.
  • The fatty acids in the yolk of the egg and its emollients will make the scalp healthier and prevent dandruff and other scalp-related issues.
  • It even helps prevent hair loss and hair fall, giving you an uber-thick mane.eggs                                                Source


  • The whole deal might get a little messy, with egg-wash dripping at places and over you.
  • The smell of it might be a little nauseating as it stinks if left unattended.
  • If left for a long time in hair, it won’t come out, hardening the hair.
  • Raw eggs can easily give you salmonella infection.
  • If hot water is poured on the hair unknowingly, the eggs will cook off and refuse to come out.
  • Some people might be allergic to egg and may show severe signs of allergy after it.
  • Some people may develop an itchy scalp due to the drying effects of the egg whites.


While your hair may be in for a treat with an egg-mask and an egg-wash treatment, set back and revel in the sycophantic compliments that will pour in to your luscious looking hair. But don’t forget! Not all things are sugar and nice! Some good things might have a cost to pay, in the form of a little nauseating odour.

Don’t let us stop you. Find for yourself. And in case, you aren’t sure and want to resort to our professional help, click here
Happy treating!