Shaving Tips For Men With Sensitive Skin
May 13, 2017

Shaving isn’t as simple as it looks, and it gets all the more troublesome for men with sensitive skin. Their skin is prone to irritation, and they may have to be super cautious unless they are visiting Professional Salons for grooming needs. Are you one of those men with sensitive skin, make sure you are thorough with the given 8 points.

  1.    Read men’s skin care product labels.

While selecting your shaving products, always read the product details. Products may contain alcohol, dyes, etc., which can harm or irritate your skin. Try opting for products sans chemical.

  1.    Avoid products that have too much foam.

While shaving, lather might seem cool, but it dries out your skin. The products used in creating lather are mainly detergents which eventually drain the essential oils from your skin. If you have sensitive skin, we advise you to stick to products which have low foam content for best shaving results.

sensitive skin

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  1.    Dry with soft towels and don’t rub

Once you are done shaving, don’t clean your face with rough towels. If you are rubbing your skin or using rough towels, it may cause further irritation.

soft towels

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  1.    Use a good technique

Always shave using gentle strokes and in the direction of hair growth. You can go against the grain, but only to remove the tidbits.  shaving

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  1.    Apply men’s aftershave for sensitive skin

Once you are done shaving, your skin becomes extremely sensitive. This exposes your skin to razor burn and other shaving-related problems that might occur. To minimise the effect, use a men’s aftershave which will help calm down your skin.


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  1.    Save the best for the last

You should shave around your mouth and your upper lip at the end of the shave.  This will help in softening your facial hair as the shave gel has been soaked by your skin by now, making it easier to cut.

  1.    Rinse your blade frequently

While shaving, keep cleaning your blade. This will result in a more comfortable and better glide shave, preventing the build-up of blade edges.

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  1.    Have A Post-Shave Routine

Once you are done shaving, always rinse your face with warm water. Ensure there is no shaving cream left. After that, pat your face gently and dry it without applying much force. Once your skin has recovered, apply moisturiser. This will help in re-hydrating the skin.

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