Contouring: Do’s And Dont’s
May 16, 2017

How to pop up the best features of your face in two minutes?

Contouring is an art. Contouring during Makeup is becoming the new thing these days. It is essential as it highlights your best features such as nose, eyes, and cheeks.  It seems like a hardcore task but if paid little attention to techniques it is real quick and easy. It also involves patience and practice.  It defines certain features of your face and gives you a fabulous look. One can also achieve a contoured look which gives a no makeup effect.  Isn’t that awesome?

Contouring involves these basic steps:  highlighting, bronze and blush.


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While contouring is all about using dark colors to detract light, highlighting involves the use of light colors to reflect light. With this one can change the shape and look of their face and features. So for contouring, you need two shades of foundations one which is a shade darker than your skin tone and the other a shade lighter.  The darker shade is used for contouring on the areas such as lower part of the chin, where you don’t want any attention.  This helps to decrease the appearance of a double chin and make the neck look thinner and more defined.  So the trick is to use the darker shade on the areas that you would prefer to hide and a lighter one on the areas you wish to accentuate such as cheeks.

Here are do’s and don’ts of contouring which will help you to understand the technique with all its complexities.


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  • One should start with applying foundation of the same color as your skin. This acts as a base and also helps to give you a better and a smooth contoured look instead of a patchy one.
  • Try using similar sort of products i.e. either use all cream products or all powder products. It helps in avoiding a caked-on look.
  • Get a good blending brush. The right brush plays an essential role during contouring. It is important to achieve that natural look and for that, you need to blend the different shades you have applied on your face properly. A big, bushy blending brush is recommended.
  • Use blush on the cheeks to add that color to your look.
  • Apply your eye and lip makeup after you are done with your contouring.


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  • Don’t contour on daily basis. Save the technique for a special event.
  • Don’t apply any product too much as then it’s harder to blend all of it together.
  • Don’t ever mix creams and powder. It will not give you the desired look.
  • Don’t forget blush! Without some subtle color on the cheeks, your nicely contoured face will fall flat. Lightly sweep color across the apples of your cheeks for a naturally flushed look.

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These tips and a little practice will be the death of your problems related to makeup. Contouring will help you accentuate your best features and also give that natural look. Isn’t the best fact about makeup to get a no makeup look?

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