5 Baby Products That You Too Can Use.
May 22, 2017

This may sound crazy, but baby products are not just limited to babies. Agreed, using baby shampoo for your hair doesn’t sound very intelligent, but there are some products which have great, practical uses. As babies have skin a lot more delicate than an adult’s, therefore baby product formulations are very gentle and soft on the skin. And, the soft, clean fragrance is always a plus. So before you completely dismiss the idea, check out these baby products and the uses these can be put to. Wanna know more about skincare, Click here.


Baby Lotion

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It’s luxurious and softening and made of ingredients that are gentle on the skin. Not only does it have a great smell, but it also keeps your skin looking revitalized and hydrated. Pick a lotion containing calendula or aloe extract for best results. After all, who doesn’t want baby soft skin?



Baby Wipes

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They can be another nifty addition to your daily makeup regimen. Baby wipes achieve the same results as makeup-removal wipes, sans the harshness. They’ll prevent any breakouts you may encounter with regular wipes. They do the job but don’t leave your skin dry. They can also be used to clean up small spills or to wipe your hands when you might not have access to soap and water.



Baby Oil

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It works as a wondrous moisturizer after taking a shower and does not give that greasy feeling. It absorbs completely and does not leave sticky residues that come on to clothes. Also, it can be used to remove your makeup before bed. Another great use of baby oil is to rub it onto your arms and legs in moderation to get that beautiful, sexy glow that models and actresses always seem to have! Isn’t it great to get A-list beauty secrets so easily?



Baby Powder

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Baby powder has myriad uses, from absorbing moisture and odor from your favorite shoes to helping you set your makeup with just a tiny dab. Also, people with light-coloured hair can totally use it as a dry shampoo to soak up excess oil from your scalp until you get a chance to wash it. It keeps you dry on those sticky humid monsoon days. Apart from this, baby powder when used on lashes can create a false lash effect. Just apply a coat of mascara, then apply a coat of baby powder and finish with another coat of mascara. And you are ready to SLAY.

Ever experienced chafing on inner thighs when you walk, run or sweat? Just rub baby powder liberally on your thighs anytime you know you’ll be sweating, and it’ll keep the chafing at bay. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell?



Baby Shampoo

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Now, don’t think we’re recommending you use baby shampoo on your hair. Our hair is longer and thicker and requires more care than a baby shampoo can provide. Also, the no-tears formulation has a pH that will completely wreak havoc with your tresses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have another use out of baby shampoo! Actually, it is a great way to clean your makeup brushes. Because it’s gentle, the shampoo will clean and soften your brushes without drying them. Just pour some shampoo on a wet brush, rub the brush between your fingers, rinse and dry!

Now that you know how to use baby products for yourself, just pamper your skin and flaunt the glow. 

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