12 Beauty Essentials Every College Girl Must Own.
May 24, 2017

College life is beautiful yet so tiring. Daily lectures and so many assignments leave you with a dull face, and we all know the pain. But there are some essentials; every girl must own who believes in looking all pretty in college!

Want to keep your skin glowing and healthy but want to keep it away from harsh chemicals, try out these DIY home techniques.

We bring to you, the 10 Beauty Essentials that every college girl must have.

  • Face wash

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The first thing that should be there in every girl’s bag. It’s the necessity, and we can’t disagree anymore. Facewash is a big time need. Of course, no one likes to keep their faces full of dirt stuck.

  • BB Cream

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The best thing happened to all the makeup loving girls are the BB Creams, which pamper your skin with the best. It has two benefits- One, that it works like a foundation cream. Two, that it’s light and good for your skin.

  • Coconut Oil

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A small jar of coconut oil can help a girl in so many ways. To keep away from frizzy and messy hair, or to highlight your cheekbones a little or even to help you out as a lip balm, coconut oil indeed is an essential.

  • A perfect  shade of nail paint

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A girl should carry her perfect shade of nail paint with her all time because we don’t know when does it chip off of her nails. So to look good all time, yes, a nail paint.

  • Pen Eye Liner /Kajal

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All other Eye Liners consume more time than a Pen Eye Liner. It’s easy to carry and is often waterproof. Kajal too is needed to help a girl look fresh all time.

  • Mascara

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By applying a Mascara, one can look all time fresh and pretty. You look alive between those lectures and can easily say yes to a hangout after college!

  •  Sunscreen Lotion

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Sunscreen is a must. Choosing your right sunscreen and SPF that suits you might sound tiring but Sunscreen helps girls to not get conscious about their skin getting tanned all time, and they can invest that time in some other work.

  • Lip Balm

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Lip Balms make you look prettier the time you apply them. Being better protectors of your lips, they also take care to provide your lips with the perfect amount of gloss all time.

  • Dry Shampoo

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For keeping up with all the fuss that hot weather and sweat does to our gorgeous hair and also for the bad hair days when you don’t get time to wash your hair because you had your lecture early in the morning. Girls, yes, Dry shampoo IS a thing, and now it’s quite easily available to us.

  • Blush

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To look beautiful all day, every girl must choose a right shade of blush which fits her perfectly and carries it with her 24×7 because who knows, when does she need it!

  • Eye Creams

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With so many non-greasy eye creams available in various stores nowadays, girls should always keep one with them. Days outside in college are tiring and might cause big dark circles under one’s eye. So an eye cream is indeed a blessing!

  • Perfumes/ Body Mists

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Lastly, the thing which is responsible for our ‘all-smiles’ face at the end of the day. Perfumes/ Body Mists come to the rescue when everything fails. Even if a girl, by any chance, is not able to keep up with her face and is all into the sweat, applies a deodorant, she comes back to the confident mode again. One must keep a body spray with her all the time.

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