6 Ways Coconut Oil Can Act As A Beauty Ingredient.
May 27, 2017

Remember the days when our mothers used to put a lot of coconut oil in our hair telling us how it helps our hair to grow and us remain healthy and how we all hated it? But, well our moms were right, like always. Coconut oil is our best friend of all time and here is how we can use it as a beauty ingredient!

      1.Body Oil

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Coconut Oil can be used as a body oil and It really heals your skin, and your body smells good after you apply it. You can apply coconut oil on your body and take a hot water shower afterward. To add more to it, you can mix peppermint in it.

  1. Lip Balm

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Coconut oil becomes your best friend if you have dry lips because not just it heals your skin, it makes it appear and feel softer and gives your lips the perfect kind of a gloss.

  1. Hair Mask

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Once you’re done with shampooing your hair, apply a little amount of coconut oil to your wet hair and tie them in a bun. After a while, rinse your hair under water and what you get is softer, shinier bouncier hair! To know about more hair tips click here. 

      4 Makeup Remover

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You can remove your makeup, especially, eye makeup with a very little amount of coconut oil. Not only it will help your makeup to get off smoothly and quickly, but it also won’t leave your skin with any rashes. Cool, isn’t that?

  1. Shaving Cream

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Now, this comes as a surprise! Doesn’t it? Yes. If you’re running out of your shaving cream, you can actually apply coconut oil to your skin and shave. The blade will glide smoothly on your skin, the same way it does when you apply shaving creams. Coconut oil is a cheaper and healthier form of a shaving cream, ladies!

  1. Body Scrub

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By adding some amount of salt or sugar to coconut oil, you can use it as a body scrub. Scrubbing will help you remove the unnecessary tan from the body, relax your body tissues and make you look younger than ever.

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