What Is The Perfect Way To Remove Eye Makeup?
June 02, 2017

Using water to remove Eye Makeup can lead to redness and itchiness on the eyelids and near the eyes because of our facial skin. Especially the skin near our eyes because it is too soft and sensitive. Cleaning our eyes with water may not help in removing the eye makeup smoothly and may even harm the skin.

Instead of water, one should use any lubricant to remove the Makeup. We bring to you a list of lubricants besides your usual makeup remover that you can use to get off your eye makeup quickly and painlessly and will not cause a hole in your pocket!!

Petroleum Jelly

Eye Makeup

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Petroleum Jelly is more like a blessing to us humans, it’s a multipurpose jelly and is one of the best things ever.



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If you have a moisturizer that you often apply to your hands and feet, you can take a small amount of it on cotton and easily use it for removing the mascara and eyeliner.


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There are various cleansers available in cosmetic stores, and you can buy one, that would help you in not only removing the eye makeup but also the Facial Makeup.  

Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil is the most natural lubricant to remove eye makeup, not only does it help you remove your liner, but also cures your skin. It’s also a budget-friendly!

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