5 Hairstyles For Chubby Faces
June 10, 2017

Not all of us can have slim, delicate faces and cheekbones that stand out and define us. A few of us are honored with somewhat rounder faces and full cheeks that glow up when we grin. While faces like this can be a gift, in the event that you don’t know how to wear your hair with them they can be a disaster. So if you’re one of the innumerable ladies with a round or plump face then don’t give up! It’s all the more a reason for you to celebrate!

Wearing your hair the wrong way, however, can frequently make the roundness of your face accentuate, making you look circular and concealing your charm. Well- no frenzy because we have collected a list of hairstyles that can help you balance the cuteness with understanding what hairstyles suit you the most-

One of the best ways to make your chubby face look fabulous and a little less round is to frame it with various lengths of layers. One of the prime advantages of doing so is having the textured effect that takes the attraction away from the face while allowing you to flaunt almost any type of hair!

  1. Bob 


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A Bob cut is your easiest catch at accentuating your bone structure and jawline! The blend of the style, regardless of whether you wear it wavy or straight, will outline your face giving it a celestial look! A bob cut down till the chin will make the face look the right amount of full and with curly ends- the extra oomph is guaranteed! It is great to experiment with different partings as well and stick to whatever suits the face the most.  

  1. Short Hair

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Short hair truly mellows your face and make the most of your awe-inspiring cheeks. Short styles do take a touch of experimentation to locate the ideal length on a particular face so that you leave the Salon content and looking ace! So whoever said that short hair does not suit round faces- it’s time to throw that out of the window. With different parting styles and styling techniques, one can trust the short hair to give your style the edge it needs.

  1. Pixie Haircut

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Pixie Cut is an easy yet charming variation in style! Highlighting what you believe are your defects can really do you wonders. You may think I’m insane yet believe me when I say that pixie cuts can be a gift for ladies with chubby appearances. Trimmed pixie cuts are a blessing for the round and chubby faces as they draw attention away from the face! Don’t forget to ask the beautician to assess the face to hair length ratio so that the chubby face can be creatively worked upon. After all, one can always count on the pixie to save the day right?

  1. Untidy Ponytail

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If smooth isn’t your style then have a go at wearing an untidy pigtail! An untidy pony will give your hair profundity and surface, leaving your round face with the perfect balance of volume and style. It truly is an experiment – a few ladies like it truly untidy because it gives them a casual and chic look. However, it’s really a personal choice! The half up-do is another complimentary hairstyle one can follow-up with the Untidy Ponytail- leave some tresses for your face while the others form themselves in a beautiful pony! This way- you also make the most out of your luscious locks!

And these 5-minute hairstyles are sure to save you a lot of time and make you look fab.

  1. High Buns

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We all love ourselves a delightful bun, don’t even attempt to deny it! The carefree and casual bun is a game changer with round faces. High buns naturally make your face look longer and thinned down. The extra height totally changes the shape and look of your face and you get the opportunity to parade this sexy and chic style. What’s more is this bun can go with both your office outfit and pajama party-  Win, win! So go on and maneuver your hair into a high bun on top of your head.

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