Short Hair- Still a Taboo?
June 17, 2017

There’s a lot of buzz about short-haired women these days and no, we do not agree with most of it. Let’s set the story straight!

We have all heard a myriad of myths surrounding women with short hair. “She just had her heart broken.” “She’s an unladylike lesbian.” “She doesn’t care about her appearance.” Any woman with a short haircut will tell you that it does throw some people off and elicit negative reactions. These myths are unfounded claims and generalizations that need to be disputed. While not every haircut works for everyone, there are many ladies who look extraordinary with short hair. They cut their hair short because they want to and that is all that matters. 

Short hair gives the impression that the girl is independent and not hesitant to go against the mainstream. It is edgy, modern, unorthodox, and energizing. Here are some badass women who pull off short hair like they were born to do it.

Audrey Hepburn

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With her oval face, Hepburn’s features were in stark contrast to her bold hairdo. She sported the classic hairstyle for most of her career. She provides a standard for bold hairstyles and characterizes the look.

Winona Ryder

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This is a name that does not need an introduction. Winona Ryder’s fragile quality is complemented by her pixie cut. She hasn’t, for the most part of her on-screen life, been a patron of short hair. But the effortlessness with which she pulls it off can surprise some. Her doe shaped eyes and thin angular face make her even more beautiful.


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Rihanna has a very attractive face, and she takes her short hair to another level with her cheek and defiance. This look characterizes her rebellious image and gives her an ‘I don’t care’ vibe. She does not seem to be bothered by the stereotypes one bit!

Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman is extremely ladylike and yet, she defies all the rules for women set by society. She has an oval face with an exceptionally well-defined jawline. She often sports short hair. Our cause of giving girls the freedom to have their own way with their hair is strengthened with the example of Portman. 

Emma Watson

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A sophisticated woman, Watson shows us how short hair opens the door to a number of possibilities. Her face shape, eyebrows, and eyes work well with her hair. We were acquainted with her in the Harry Potter series, and have since seen her in many avatars. She pulls off the pixie cut look in an elegant manner.

If these ladies don’t convey the message that there is no specific assigned definition of beautiful, we’re not quite sure what will. So, are you ready to break the conventional notions of beauty and make our own instead? We sure are.

Experiment with different haircuts and go wild! Don’t let anyone tell you that a particular style doesn’t suit you or is not feminine enough. Just make sure to take good care of your locks; use these do-it-yourself techniques to rejuvenate your hair and keep it healthy.

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