Things You Should Know Before Getting Hair Extensions
June 17, 2017

Do you plan to channel your inner Rapunzel? A couple of years ago, getting hair extensions was a new concept; today, it’s more common. For most people, it yields good results. It is a great solution if you’re looking for a change in your appearance. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of everything you need to understand before getting hair extensions.

  1. The hair is either human or manufactured

In the world of extensions, human hair is favoured as it looks more natural. Manufactured hair is of lower quality, can look fake, and is quickly discernible. ‘Virgin’ hair (never been coloured or processed) is considered the crème de la crème for extensions. Real hair can be coloured, processed, and used as per demand. On the other hand, with regard to synthetic hair, there are certain limitations.

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  1. Clip-in extensions are an impermanent, economical alternative

Unlike permanent extensions, you can put in clip-in extensions at home itself to increase volume or length, of your hair. They last for up to two years if looked after with care. A vital aspect of choosing clip-ins is coordinating the shade with that of your natural hair colour. An artificial-looking shade will give away the fact that you are using extensions, while a good colour match will keep the mystery of your dreamy hair alive. 

It is super simple to put in and take out clip-in extensions, and they are available in different sizes and shades. 

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  1. Getting hair extensions might not be a great idea after all

One must consider all aspects of getting extensions before diving into it. If you engage in a lot of physical activity and run or swim on a daily basis, extensions are not for you. In addition, one has to be ready to set aside some time every day for the upkeep of the look. You do not want to end up with damaged hair that you don’t have the time to fix, especially when it cost you a fortune.

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4. Extensions can be unhealthy if not looked after properly or faultily installed

Regardless of whether it’s an off base application/removal, the hair is excessively thick, or too much of it is applied, extensions can upset the hair follicles and can result in balding/hair loss. If you’re feeling a strain or if you notice male-pattern hair loss/baldness, address the problem before it gets too bad.

It is extremely important to identify an accomplished and proficient hair specialist who can pick out the most attractive and beneficial extension for you. Finding a good quality and hygienic salon is vital. 

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  1. Hair extensions are expensive

Including the initial application and the upkeep, permanent hair extensions can cost somewhere between $400 and $3,000 contingent upon the strategy, salon, and the hair type that is being worked on. The more pocket- friendly choice is manufactured hair extensions which are in the $30 to $100 territory. It is essential to keep your budget in mind when deciding what kind of extensions to get. Let’s face it, hair extensions don’t quite equate with the cost of your daily caramel latte.

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Everything taken into account, getting hair extensions is a way of embracing new looks and experiments. With proper understanding and analysis, there’s probably nothing that can go wrong. So take this green signal and proceed; what are you waiting for?

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