6 Beauty Products You Need When You Are On A Holiday
June 22, 2017

When packing for a holiday, the list of things to take just keeps getting longer. Here are some must-have beauty products for a hassle-free vacation. Flights require you to limit the products you are carrying to 100ml containers; keep that in mind when packing them.   

  • Earplugs, toothbrush kit, and eye mask

On some international flights, these kits are made available to you. But why take a chance? These things always come in handy. When babies are crying, flights are delayed, and there’s too much light to sleep, these products will save your vacation from being ruined. Better safe than sorry?

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  • Nasal spray and painkillers

In case of an emergency, carrying your pills with you will prove to be very useful. Travelling in aeroplanes can give some headaches, and painkillers significantly reduce the discomfort. Many people find it difficult to adjust to changing temperatures, and catching a cold is a common problem. Stay healthy!

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  • Face wash and deodorant

The first thing you should do when you wake up after a lovely evening at the beach is clean your face. When the smell of the beach sticks to your skin and starts to annoy you, you know the quick-fix! Keep your face wash and deodorant always accessible to deal with such situations. 

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  • Sun cream

Do we even need to mention this? If you can bring just one thing with you, pick sun cream. It is important for both health and beauty. Most sun creams come with SPF and whitening ingredients. 

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  • Body lotion and body oils

Essentials are essentials, and cannot be missed. These products provide you with the moisture your skin desperately needs when on vacation. Additionally, minimal effort goes into applying these products. Apply before sleeping and let it soak in.

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  • Makeup essentials

Makeup is not a necessity for most of us, but it’s always nice to look your best when on vacation. With just a little bit of foundation, concealer, tinted moisturiser, and highlighter, your dark spots will be history and you’ll be sorted.  

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With these items on board, it will become easy to maintain a stress-free vacation. Picture it- the soft breeze blowing, the sun shining, and your skin glowing. 

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