7 Beauty Products You Should Never Share
June 22, 2017

Women are beautiful and so are their hearts. We share everything with our girls, and that obviously includes our beauty secrets and products. We have all used each other’s kajal and lip gloss when dressing up together for a night out. Sharing makeup resources is a sign of true friendship. 

This is all great, but it is important to understand that there are some beauty products that women should not share simply due to health concerns. We bring to you a list of 7 products you should keep to yourself.

1.  Lip Gloss and Lipstick

Lip gloss and lipstick are applied near one’s mouth; that area is a big hub of bacteria which shouldn’t be transferred. Liquid lip gloss, especially, allows germs to breed easily. So, always say no if offered someone else’s lipstick, even if the shade is irresistible! 

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  1. Mascara

Eye fluids are full of microbes; mascara, thus, has a high chance of carrying bacteria and viruses. Old mascaras become home to airborne bacteria. Keeping in mind that some people may use mascara even when they have an eye infection or conjunctivitis, we should not borrow anyone’s mascara.

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  1. Creams in Jars

Sharing any beauty product that comes in a jar is unhygienic. Dirty hands may be dipped into the jar and this contaminates the whole tub, making it unhealthy. This is why one should not share cream or any other beauty product that comes in a jar.

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  1. Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are rarely cleansed after use, so they tend to carry a lot of bacteria.These brushes may even be used to apply makeup on bruised skin, and therefore, they can carry harmful viruses. They collect a lot of dirt and oil from one’s skin, so it’s best to not share them. 

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  1. Pressed Powder

Think about it- are you really okay with using the same foundation that your friend just used on her pimples? Definitely not, right? This is one thing you should keep in mind about pressed makeup products- the germs fix themselves in the base and then there is no real way to get them out.

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  1. Nail Cutters and Tweezers

There is a high probability that your nail cutter or tweezer will cause a wound at some point in time. When someone else uses one of these objects, a transfer of blood could take place. This can lead to an exchange of viruses and can cause, in the most extreme scenario, AIDS.

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  1. Toothbrushes

If you share your toothbrush with someone, there are high chances of an exchange of microbes taking place. Do you really want to share your germs with someone else?

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Share your feelings, your secrets, your love, and your hugs with your girls, but don’t share these seven products!

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