7 Super Easy Ways To Hide Your Bangs
June 23, 2017

If you are like us, you probably share a love-hate relationship with your bangs. Bangs can be a little high maintenance, and sometimes you just don’t want to deal with them. There are days when you’ve worked really hard on your elaborate makeup and you really do not want any of it to get covered by your hair. Click here for ten different ways in which you can wear eye makeup this summer.

For days when you do not want them to take centre stage, here are seven ways to take a bang break.

  1. Braiding 

Braiding your hair can hide those bangs like they never existed. You know what the best thing about this solution is? It works even with extremely short hair! Just make sure you start braiding very close to the hairline so that little hair strands don’t stick out. A little effort will yield great results.

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2. Use Gel

Women may not gel their hair that often, but this can prove to be an effective trick to keep that unwanted hair off your forehead. You can decide how textured you want it. We suggest you spread the product on your fingertips and then comb your hair back using your fingers. 

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3. Centre Parting

This method requires minimal effort. Make a centre parting, divide your bangs in the middle, and clip them to each side. For an even better look, let your longer hair fall naturally on the bangs.

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4. Clip on Top

We have all done this when we were too lazy to wash our greasy hair. All you need to do is pull back the bangs and clip them on top. You can also try adding a little volume to it by puffing the hair at the crown and then pinning it down.

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5. Brush to the Side

Even the shortest strands of hair can be blended into a beautiful layered hairstyle. This method suits curly and wavy hair better. For straight-haired girls, a curler can help to achieve this look. Brush the curls away, and your problem will be solved.

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6. Accessories

There is no illusion here! Use a bandana, scarf, or any cloth for that matter to put the bangs in place. A little extra effort almost makes it look like they do not exist at all. 

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7. Twist and Pin

This hack guarantees a 100% success rate and takes a maximum of two minutes. Most stylists recommend this as their go-to technique. Twirl your hair and twist it under a bobby pin. In case a few strands are still sticking out, use hairspray to perfect your look. 

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Happy hiding!

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