How To Colour Your Hair Without Damaging It
June 24, 2017

One of the most asked beauty questions is whether or not hair dye causes irreparable damage to your hair. Our research has led us to believe that dye usually causes a little damage, but professional application and usage of good quality products keep the damage to a minimal level. 

Here are some tips so you can get your hair coloured without worrying too much about damage. 

Be Prepared

A little preparation beforehand goes a long way in preventing damage. Even if you are dyeing just one strand of hair, it is highly advisable to put on hair masks at least a day or two prior to the day of dyeing. Dye tends to zap moisture; fully hydrated hair prevents the cuticles from getting damaged.

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Pre-Wash is a no-no 

Giving at least a day or two between washing your hair and colouring it allows the hair to become naturally greasy. This, in turn, works as a barrier and reduces damage. Since natural oils are permeable, this will not affect the quality of the results in any way. Rather, your hair will look vibrant after the dyeing process.  

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High expectations lead to disappointment

Often, we expect a little more from life than we should. So, naturally, when you are getting your hair dyed, you will probably be visualizing a ‘perfect’ shade. The truth is that hair works differently for different people. The results of the same procedure can be great for some and regrettable for others. It is also important that you know all the risks involved before going in for any particular hair colour. For more vibrant colours, people often get their hair bleached. However, this can permanently damage your hair.

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Colouring your hair and then just letting it be can cause a lot of harm. This damage can be reduced by using the right products the right way. Moisturizing formulas and natural oils can prevent the hair from drying up because of the hair colour. A follow-up is strictly recommended.

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Follow our advice, and bask in the glory of your new hair stress-free. 

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