Beauty Hacks That Can Help To Boost Your Self-Esteem
June 27, 2017

Among other things, makeup is an instant confidence booster. Whip up some mascara, eyeliner, red lipstick, and a little bit of foundation, apply it on your face, and you will go from being the girl next door to being the Beyonce of the neighbourhood in thirty seconds flat. Not having makeup on should not lower your self-esteem, but looking your best will boost your self-confidence further. There are several beauty hacks that can help you reach this level of confidence, from contouring tips to applying lipstick. So use these tips to up your confidence game and look like the diva that you are!

  1. Red Lipstick for the win

Applying red lipstick is the easiest and most commonly used beauty hack. From MAC’s Ruby Woo to Nyx’s Monte Carlo, there are so many red lipsticks out there for you to choose from. These add some zing to your look and make your lips stand out. Red is known as the colour of confidence and sexiness; this is a quick and easy way of letting yours show.

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2. Cover your grey hair

Spotting a grey hair can be a buzzkill when you are just about to go out. It is unappealing and serves as an unfortunate reminder of your increasing age. Next time you’re caught in such a situation, quickly cover up your grey hair by lightly applying mascara over it. Make sure to use a mascara with a shade similar to your hair colour.

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3. Spritz some perfume

A sprinkle of perfume on your skin can make you feel beautiful. You may not realise it, but the fresh scent of your perfume and the knowledge that you smell good as you walk out of your house will make you feel confident. You will walk with a bounce in your step.

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4. Eye makeup to the rescue

We believe that there is nothing that makes a woman feel more confident than well-executed eye makeup. Whether you choose a smokey eyes effect or a simple kohl outline to emphasise your doe-shaped eyes, it does not matter. You will slay either way because eye makeup, in any form, makes you look stunning. You won’t be able to stop yourself from taking several selfies and constantly looking in the mirror to check out that liner’s magic. 

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Eye Makeup

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5. Smile at yourself

This may sound clichéd, but it is the truth. Smiling at yourself in the mirror boosts your self-esteem in ways that no item from a Sephora showroom could. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, even with all your imperfections, and begin to believe it. Smile a little wider, believe in yourself a little more, and love yourself more than anything else!

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