Don’t Give Yourself A Haircut- Let The Experts Handle It!
July 03, 2017

In all probability, you have contemplated giving yourself a haircut at least once in your lifetime. You may even have gone as far as holding a pair of scissors and actually chopping a couple of locks off, before beginning to fear the consequences or your mother’s reaction. But the advantages of cutting your hair yourself only seem to increase as one gets older. It’s the cheaper alternative, it’s easier than making a trip to the salon, and you can do it pretty much any time. Sounds convenient, right?

Wrong! Cutting your hair yourself is no easy business. You may think you know what you are doing, but the truth is that someone who cannot even see what she/he is cutting behind her/his head without professionally angled mirrors is clearly not fit for the job. You might believe that by observing your hairdresser the last time you got a haircut, you have now become an expert and can replicate that haircut. But let’s face it- you are underqualified for the task unless you have a degree in hair and makeup. Thus, you should not take such risks with your hair. 


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But why exactly is it a bad idea to cut one’s own hair? We tell you.  

To begin with, with no prior training in hairstyling, you will not even be able to partition your hair the right way for bangs. Your shaky inexperienced hands may give your hair choppy cuts. Unless you are dressing up for a Halloween party, that look is definitely not in fashion.


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Moreover, you may end up cutting off different lengths on different sides, making your hair longer on one side and shorter on the other. You will then end up cutting off more hair to even it out, and you will be left with shorter hair than what you wanted. 

Cutting your hair is not like cutting paper. You cannot just hold a chunk of hair and snip it off with a straight cut; it is a lot more complicated than that. It involves holding the hair delicately and making slanted cuts so as to avoid split ends in the future.

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Your hairdresser is a specialist in this field and can give you great advice. For example, before taking the decision to get bangs, you need to be properly informed on how to maintain them. So if a curly-haired woman or man is planning to get bangs, he/she needs to be told beforehand that wearing a bandana or hairband will become a daily necessity if this idea is executed. 

If these warnings are not enough to deter your wild and free soul, we will just make one more point. In this harsh world, people are judged, especially in professional settings, on the basis of their appearances. Shabbily cut hair can, unfortunately, put off potential employers and other people in society.

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We, therefore, recommend going to an expert hairdresser who can give you a haircut that will be good for the health of your hair and scalp. Be the envy of people, not the laughing stock!

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