13 Badass Women Who Proved That Short Is The New Sexy.
July 13, 2017

We have all heard a myriad of myths surrounding women with short hair. “She just had her heart broken.” “She’s an unladylike lesbian.” “She is a rebel.” Any woman with a short haircut will tell you that it does throw some people off and elicit negative reactions. These myths are unfounded claims and generalizations that need to be disputed.

Short hair doesn’t mean anything except for the fact that one might just like short hair. These 12 badass women proved that short is the new sexy.


My new hair made me feel that I will always be the same person, with the same amount of confidence irrespective of how long or short my hair is. Hair is only an accessory, not an imperative.


I have learned to hold my head up higher. It’s been a good experience and I’m planning to go even shorter, as soon as I have the courage!




I never let the criticism or the compliments get to me. I hadn’t bothered to take a public poll insert sarcastic laugh before so why would I subject myself to it now?

Parnalekha Mishrra Paul

My hair makes me feel confident, rad and at the end of the day, sporting short hair allows me to express my creative side.


Shorter hair doesn’t mean I am suddenly more ‘fun’. I let the stereotypes dribble past me on the bathroom floor along with the shampoo every time I wash my hair.


I have always had problems with my looks and self-esteem. But that moment when everything was finally over, I looked into the mirror and I saw myself the way I was meant to look. The way I was meant to be.



My new hair made me feel more confident despite other people’s judgments. I felt more confident walking out in public. I felt like a badass rebel.


I love my short hair. It represents my attitude towards any kind of negativity that tries to enter my life as well as my confidence.


The only reason I got my hair cut short was that it was more convenient and easier to manage. Simple!


I have kissable red lips and my eyebrows are perfectly shaped. My hair is mine and I’ll do what I want with it. Why should I care?


My short hair has made me realize I can make mistakes and start anew whenever I want to, and I love this freedom dearly.


I didn’t let the look of disapproval because of my short hair bother me. I loved my new short hair and I have never gone back!

Akanksha Mishra


I loved my new hairstyle and how it made me feel. I felt more confident and bold after I let go of the long hair I had cherished for so long.

These 13 women have yet again proved that femininity isn’t something that can be validated by long locks. Go badass, Go Bold, and Rock any hairstyle you want to. Have a story to share, why not comment below?