Need A Change? Look Bold & Fiercer With These Hairstyles!
July 06, 2017

We bet every woman who is beauty-oriented and enjoys spending time on her appearance has experienced what we call a ‘beauty rut’. A ‘beauty rut’ is a phase in which routine makeup and hair seem too boring and there seems to be nothing that sets you apart. This is a time for drastic measures; switching lipstick shades cannot be your solution forever! You must have the ability to change and recreate your image when you want to. One major step you can take is to change your hairstyle. When you get a haircut, you change the way you are perceived by the world. In fact, you completely change the image of yourself that you see every morning in the mirror. 

Hence, we have curated a collection of fierce hairstyles to give you some inspiration. Escape your beauty rut, and retrieve your confidence and style.

1. Swoopy Bangs for a Dramatic Change


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This undercut hairstyle with swoopy bangs is the kind of dramatic change that will jolt you out of the bored phase you’re in. The undercut will make you look bold and fierce, while the bangs add a touch of playfulness. To get this cut, click here.

2. Short Straight Hair for an Edgy Look

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If you do not want to cut your hair too short but at the same time want an edgy look, try this neatly cut straight hair look. You can experiment with it every day. If Kristen Stewart can pull it off, so can you! To get this cut, click here.

3. Well-Cut Bob for the Unconventional

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There is nothing as fierce as a well-cut bob, as Victoria Beckham, who sported one for years, would agree. They give you the right amount of unconventionality balanced with a degree of formality. This style is suitable for both parties and business meetings.To get this cut, click here.

4. Curls and Bob for the Free Spirited

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Who said bobs are only for straight-haired girls? If curled well, your hair can be styled into a bob perfect enough to rival that of any historical Queen. This style will make you look so bold! To get this cut, click here.

5. Layers For the Peppy Hot

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Confidence, however, does not come only to short-haired women. If you want to keep your hair long, you can definitely get an edgy look without sacrificing the length. All you need is some clever placement and styling. Use layers to your advantage. To get this cut, click here.

6. Colouring It All for the Experimental

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You can play with colours to change the look of your hair. This not only sets you apart but also opens up a whole avenue of experimentation. This is the simplest way to get over your ‘beauty block’. To colour your hair like this, click here.

So what are you waiting for? Change your ‘same old’ look now! But do not try to cut your hair yourself- it can be disastrous! Click here to know exactly why. Choose the safe option, and call up your salon to book an appointment today.

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