Why You Shouldn’t Colour Your Hair On Your Own
July 27, 2017

Colouring your hair is a trend quite in vogue these days. Turquoise, teal, violet, red— there is no colour that has been left unexplored by those who want to add a dash of colour to their otherwise monotonous hair. Trends like Mermaid hair, Sunset hair, Galaxy hair, even Rainbow hair, are attracting several people today where all of them wish to make their hair look not only different but also beautiful in a mysterious way. Colours make your hair stand out, and it is this standing out that perhaps is the reason why people flock to parlours and salons every day to get a different shade in their hair.

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However, colouring your hair is not a two-step process. It’s not like painting a picture for you cannot simply apply a colour on your hair and expect it to shine out. Colouring, instead, is a painstaking process which requires care to be taken at every step. This is why it is always recommended to get the job done at a salon or take professional help, for without knowing enough about the art of hair colouring, you may end up ruining your hair, colouring it badly, or worse, singeing them with bleach.

Hair Colouring

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To understand why one needs professional help while colouring their hair, one must first understand the process of hair colouring and the care it involves. If your hair is dark as the hair of someone of Indian descent is prone to be, then you need to consider your colour options before colouring. Colours like red may come out well in a very light shade of brown hair, but no colour will show on dark brown or black hair until it is bleached. Even to help you make this decision, you shall need a professional to tell you exactly what colour comes out when you colour your hair from a particular product. A light blue, for example, will come out green on bleached black hair because, after one coat of bleaching, the hair left is yellow and not white.

This toning is hard to do on its own, for hair bleach is not only hard to find but harder to apply. You shall need an entire colouring kit, and if your shade isn’t available in the company’s catalogue, then it’s extremely hard to assemble developers, bleaches, brushes, and gloves without help. Moreover, you won’t know if the developer you need is the 30% vol. one or the 20% vol. one, as only a professional, can answer that question. Similarly, you won’t understand the intensity of the bleach you need until you know hair colouring basics. If kept for longer than half an hour, bleach can burn your hair and, applying bleach to one strand while the other already has bleach drying seriously messes your timing thus turns your bleach job uneven. Bleach is also corrosive, making it hard for someone to apply it all by themselves, or even with someone unless they have the right gloves.

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The process of bleaching severely dries your hair, and while in salons your help will apply high-quality serums to avoid the roughness, at home there is no one to tell you which serum to apply, or how long to apply it for, thereby making your hair rougher.

The biggest problem, however, comes while actually colouring. Semi-permanent dyes require different quantities the developer, and if you get your quantity wrong, you may see your hair showing a different shade than what it was supposed to be. Red hair, for example, may just turn out orange.

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This is why it is recommended to always go to a professional for hair colouring. You may think you are saving money, but in truth, the amounts are the same. In salons, a normal hair colouring job costs anywhere between a thousand to seven thousand rupees. At home, you will need a blender for a hundred rupees, a cream developer for two hundred rupees, a good quality hair colour for a thousand rupees and a serum for two hundred, at the very least. The total, minus overheads on gloves and brushes, would come somewhere close to 1500 rupees. Moreover, the colour may not last as long as a professional job for they know enough tricks to make your colour deeper and more long-lasting. Compared to a good colouring job at one or two thousand rupees, naturally, the better choice here is not colouring your hair at home.

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