This Raksha Bandhan Give Your Sister A Perfect Gift.
August 04, 2017
It’s our favorite time of the year as in the coming months, we have loads of fun festivals coming up. And since the first festival of the season, Raksha Bandhan is barely a few days away, we have a list of all the perfect gifts you can get your beautiful sister! Brothers, listen up:

1. Send her on a shopping spree

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There’s nothing a girl loves more than new clothes and accessories. While you may wish to be an extra loving brother and buy some fashionable items for her, it’s possible that you’ll end up buying the wrong size or her least favorite colour. So do both parties a favour and buy her a gift card from her favorite shopping store. Most stores will have gift cards of varying values available at the cash counter and apart from being an easy option, she will love the fact that she now has a range of choices!

2. Quirky Room Décor!

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Your sister’s room is her safe haven and it’s one place where you are not allowed to step into or interfere! But a fun way to have a little part of yourself in her room is gifting some pretty room decor. There is a range of options like fairy lights, wall art, cute cushions, deliciously scented candles and jars. Not only are they fairly affordable, she will always have them around to remind her of you.
3. Go cashless!

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Money is something your little sister will always be running out of and instead of putting notes in an envelope, simply surprise her by transferring some Paytm cash. She will be able to use it anytime and for things that she wants. Plus point? You don’t have to rack your brains out in the mall.
4. Pampering session

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There are so many things that she stresses about daily and nothing could be better than a pampering session to help her relax. Head over to glam studios for some amazing deals on spas, facials, massages, and cleanups. She will get a whole new makeover that she’s been wanting forever and feel like a completely different person!
5. Reader’s paradise

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Books are everyone’s best friends and if you want to give a gift that will last for years, books are the way to go. Find out which genres or authors she is fond of and give her a beautiful set. If you want to make it fancier, get a hardcover or a limited edition cover and add some cute bookmarks, reading lights and book stickers.
6. Customize it

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The perfect way to make sure that your gift is completely unique is to get customized stuff so that nobody else will have it. You can get a T-shirt with a personal joke reference or cartoon on it or there are a lot of websites which will provide customized jewelry, mugs, notebooks, pens, and wallets. We promise that she will treasure it forever.
7. Tickets galore!

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Let’s go beyond the materialistic because you can actually give her an experience! You can get her tickets for her favorite musician’s performance or for a show of that comedian she loves and laughs so much to! It will definitely be a day to remember for her and will forever be a beautiful memory for her.
8. Techie Goddess
Is your sister not one of those girly girls but enjoys fidgeting with technology? You can impress her with something totally out of the box like quirky speakers, add on camera lenses or something fun like a phone printer.
There are only a few days left so you’d better get started with the shopping, dear brothers!