Why Guys Should Also Go To Salons
August 18, 2017

We tend to fall into gender roles when we speak of body care and beauty, and salons often tend to stick to the female side of the market. However, it is the high time everyone realizes that going to a salon is as important for men as it is for women, and there is nothing wrong or less-manly in being a metrosexual man. A man who respects and takes care of his body is someone who can respect and take care of his loved ones, for he lives with a sense of responsibility and treats his body like a temple. Going to the gym is not enough— a good bicep flex does not clean your nails. And therefore, today we tell men the reasons they should be going to salons!

(1) Let’s be real: your barber is doing a ham job.

Salons and barbershops are not the same things. A hair salon is eons better than a barbershop that uses a pair of scissors to give you the neatest bowl/mushroom cut possible. Barbershops even sound barbarian. At a hair salon, hair stylists can recommend you the hairstyle that would suit your face best. Not only this, they can also recommend beard styles for your face, and you get a coffee for free! Would you like fries with that?

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(2) You are not destined to be a caveman.

Many men choose to avoid salons because they feel it makes them more effeminate, but the truth is that going to salons only makes you more responsible and careful about your body. Getting a pedicure or a manicure will not make you more “girly”, instead, it makes your nails cleaner and prevents disease risks.

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(3) No, you don’t need all that hair on your body.

Refer to the heading of point 2 for the reason why. Women may prefer a sprinkling of chest hair, but carrying the Amazon rainforest on one’s chest is simply gross.

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(4) Your body needs relaxation.

Salons offer special treatments like hair spa and body spa, and there are not specific to women. Even men need to pamper their body sometimes to keep it fit and fresh. There is, after all, a thin line between rugged and beaten.

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(5) Your skin is sensitive.

Yes. In fact, it is as sensitive as a woman’s, regardless of what stereotypical gender roles tell you. It needs exfoliation and facials as much as a woman does. It is as susceptible to pollution and dust as a woman’s, and, considering men are usually more involved in outdoor activities, perhaps more than a woman’s. Now, dealing with sensitive skin for men is super easy!!

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So don’t feel shy about asking for pamphlets on facials and body spa sessions at a salon the next time you visit it for a haircut, and, really, dump your barber.

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