7 Makeup Mistakes A Bride Should Never Make
August 15, 2017

The wedding day is the most wondrous and anticipated day of one’s life. The first priority of every bride is to look extremely charming and appealing. To match up with your expectations, you may hire the best makeup artist in the town; but sometimes they also end up making many flaws and mistakes which can result in an absolute disaster. To avoid any such issues, here are some common makeup mistakes which should be avoided for a completely flawless look.

1) Compromising with Waterproof Makeup

Many brides go for an ordinary makeup on their wedding without thinking about how bad it can go. Marriage ceremonies are long, tedious and highly emotional events. So, not using
waterproof makeup can be a pretty bad decision.

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2) Practicing New Ideas

Trying newly hyped or in-trend makeup style can be acceptable on other days but not on the day of your wedding. Always, go for makeup which has already been applied or has been tested on you beforehand so as to avoid any mistakes.

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3) Foundation Mistake

Choosing a foundation which perfectly matches your skin tone is a great challenge for all. Too dark or too light colour can make your face look cakey and fake. So, a perfectly suited tone should be used to get the maximum benefit.

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4) Incomplete Blending

Mixing is a very important aspect, whether it is the fusion of concealers or shimmers. You should especially focus on the blending of makeup so that no lines are visible and your face gives a complete and finished look.

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5) Evenness in Makeup

Applying too much or too little makeup on any part of your body can make your skin look ill-matched and unsmooth. A properly balanced mixture of every cosmetic is very important. It will not only get you everybody’s attention but also a bunch of adorable photographs which will stay with you forever.

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6) Amplifying Eyeshadows

Different coloured eyeshadows usually suit a party attire but not with your wedding lehengas or gowns. So, focus on limited colours while applying an eyeshadow as the usage of many colours can
give you a very tacky and bulky look.

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7) Forgetting Body Makeup

Applying makeup only till your chin and not including other body parts like your neck and back shows up very badly in photos and can give you an extremely weird look. Never compromise with your body parts and treat them equally.

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These are some of the makeup tricks which can help you look absolutely flawless and beautiful on the most momentous day of your life. We at Glam can help you with a bunch of professionals to take care of everything! Go Glam!