Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Wax At Home
November 30, 2017

Waxing is a tough job. You feel a lot of pain and well, the process itself is very cumbersome. While there are many women who make regular visits to the Salon in order to get their waxing done, others just wax themselves at home. While this sounds like an excellent plan to save all those hours in waiting and spending a lot of money in the Salons, it isn’t as smart as you think it is.

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Here are 5 of the reasons why you should not wax at home:

(1) Not as easy as it looks

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It may seem an easy task where you just have to apply wax and pull it off using strips, but it is much more than that. The professional at the salon knows other semantical things such as the direction in which the strip has to be pulled off, is the hair long enough, how hot is the wax supposed to be- and whatnot! You are not specifically trained for the task, while the professional at the salon is.

(2) So much easier

Waxing at home can be extremely cumbersome. It takes a lot of preparation for you wax at home only once a month. Unlike at salons, you need to spend the whole day preparing the wax and arranging the stuff. Not to forget that you have to clean it in the end as well. Going to the salon is so much easier- just book an appointment and you are sorted!

(3) You deal with some really hot wax

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The fact that often tends to get underestimated is that you have to deal with really hot wax. Since you wax your own body, there is a higher chance of skin burns and other fatalities. Using wax strips isn’t nearly as efficient as using wax for hair removal, which means that there is just a lot of problems. At the salon, the expert knows exactly how to save your skin from burns and remove the hair with perfection.

(4) Saves a lot of time

What’s better in your opinion? Spending the whole day in preparations of waxing yourself, then actually waxing yourself and lastly, cleaning up all the mess; or, booking an appointment, lying back and just let the expert at the salon do their job. The latter, obviously. Going to the salon saves so much time and effort! You can literally utilize the time that you save in doing something so much more productive. It is such a better choice to just leave it to the professionals.

(5) You get to RELAX!

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The fact that shall not be ignored under any circumstance whatsoever is that we are all very busy. It is impossible to live a life free from stress. In the midst of this chaos, salon time os the only time when a woman gets to sit back and just get rejuvenated. It is really convenient to trust the experts at the salon and you get to go home happy, content and feeling super fresh!

All of this facts make it absolutely clear that it is better to go to the salon and getting yourself waxed rather than doing it at home. You shall always trust the professionals. You can put all your faith in Glam Studios. Save time, effort, and just take a break- relax!

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