5 Simple Ways To Repair Damaged Hair
December 01, 2017

Winters are finally here and we are all ready to embrace the season of festivities. But, in midst of all this, we often forget to tend to our skin and hair. The season will surely bring a lot of hair damage and we need to be totally geared up to tackle that! Hair fall, excessive damage, and dryness is what we all expect from this season.

But we came up with 5 simple steps that are your Holy Grail to amazing hair. So read up!

(1) Hair Spa

Getting a Hair Spa is both good for your hair and good for you. The sheer feeling of comfort and pleasure that you get after a Hair Spa is amazing. It is an excellent way to say bye bye to your damaged hair. Go for a few sessions and you’re sorted for your vacation. Also, it leaves hair just so soft!

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(2) Hair Massage

This is such a great feeling. honestly. Hair massage is essential to soothe your nerves and get those fluids running all through the scalp. It makes you feel good and is very good for the health of your scalp and hair.

(3) Anti-dandruff Treatment

Winters bring a lot of dandruff with them. It is better to get an Anti-dandruff Treatment than going for other smaller means. This will not take a lot of time and will definitely work. It is such an easy way to get rid of your dandruff- seriously, go for it!

(4) Trim Them

Old school but always works! Chop down your hair a bit- get rid of those split ends and dried locks. It will make your hair look a lot better and will also aid in a healthy hair growth. You can also go for cool chic Hairstyles such as a Bob, which is easier to manage.

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(5) Eat Healthy

The most important task of them all. Eat right. Sounds boring, but it is super important. Take lots of proteins that will aid your hair and get some Omega 3 tablets or foods rich in Omega 3. This will make your hair glow and not let it damage.

Just these 5 steps and you are done! Forget to worry much and enjoy your vacations. After all, it isn’t very difficult to take care of yourself if you follow some simple hacks. And hacks- we’re here to help you with those. So, tune in to Glam Studios now!

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