Dreaming About Perfect Eyebrows? Here Is What You Should Do.
January 03, 2018

We all know that the real issue of any day when we need to step outside, is to get the perfect eyebrows. How many times do we see someone with the best damn eyebrows and we’re left thinking, “when will my eyebrows look so on-point?!” It surely is no easy task. Eyebrows need extra care and attention if they are to be flaunted.

So, in order to help you sport the perfect eyebrows, we made a list of 5 essential factors that should be your Holy Grail.

(1) Identify your brow type 

This shall be the first step- identify what kind of eyebrows you have. Different brows need different treatment. It becomes very important to realize what it is that your brows really need.

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(2) Identify your face type 

Secondly, identify the type of your face. It is the only way you can realize what kind of eyebrows suits you the best. Getting done your eyebrows wrong goes a long way and takes a lot of time and effort to be corrected. It is better to be cautious from the very beginning.

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(3) Get your eyebrows done regularly

Never ignore your eyebrow growth! No matter how weird it looks, you need to pay attention to it. Skipping eyebrow sessions for too long can ruin your whole look. It is important to go to the Salon every once in a while and get your brows done from a professional.

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(4) Use an eyebrow pencil

We all struggle with meeting the set trend of the thickness of the brows. The best way to tackle that is to use an eyebrow pencil. You can shape your eyebrows perfectly without making them look too comical. An eyebrow pencil should always be bought keeping in mind the colour of your brow hair.

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(5) Take care of your brows

Once you get the eyebrows that you’ve always wanted does not mean that it is done for good. You need to pay attention to those and take care of them. Use brushes and pencils to style them carefully. Never skip the salon session. You can also use Castor Oil to make your brows grow a little.

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You can now get your eyebrows done perfectly, looking on fleek for just Rs. 1!

These are the simplest tricks to make sure that you rock your eyebrows every single time you step out! Never underestimate the power of the person who does your eyebrows. They are the real heroes here. Always trust the experts with your brows. Head to the nearest Glam Studios and you will definitely not be disappointed.