How To Pick The Right Makeup Artist And Hairstylist For Your Wedding
January 24, 2018

The wedding is one of the most important events in anybody’s life. Your life will never be the same once you decide to tie the knot. It is a matter of great excitement not only for the stars of the show – the couple but also for the entire family. Indian weddings are BIG FAT WEDDINGS for a reason! With many different functions which go on for quite a few days, we definitely have a lot to look forward to!

Now all the girls will agree with me when I say that brides are extra busy around their big day. Deciding on the right clothes, Makeup and accessories for all the functions is definitely a herculean task. Won’t it be a great help if you knew the correct way to select the best Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for your wedding? Read on to find out!

How to choose the correct hair stylist

Choose a Hair Stylist with a good bridal portfolio. This is important as experience definitely matters a lot. We know there are a lot of other things that occupy your mind while preparing for the wedding but do not leave this to the last minute. List out all the hair stylists you like and contact them ASAP.

The next step would be to get a quote and then shortlist according to your budget. I am sure nobody out there wants to take a chance with their look on their big day. To avoid that, book the stylist as soon as the date of your wedding is confirmed.

If you want that extra polished look then try to find a hair stylist with lots of bridal hair experience. Bridal hair styling is very creative so it is important to find somebody who has the right passion and abilities to style your hair the way you want.

Make sure to check what products the hair stylist is using. A good hair stylist will use premium brands that will give a good finish and keep your hair in place for a good amount of time.

How to choose the correct makeup artist

It is better to choose a separate Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist if you want the best in every department. Though one person might be able to do both the things, Makeup and hair are two completely different jobs. You must realize that it takes a long time to become proficient in each of the two.

You and your friends might love to experiment with Makeup for casual outings or even parties but it is better not to try that on the day of your wedding! A professional Makeup Artist is equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to use the correct colours and techniques to bring out your best features. S/he will ensure your makeup stays intact and looks fresh throughout the function.

A trial run of your makeup for your wedding day is a must. Even if the makeup artist charges extra money for the trial, this is money well spent. It is always better to have an idea of how you are going to look so that you can make changes if you don’t like anything.

At Glam Studios, we have the best of both worlds! Our staff comprises of fully trained and Professional Makeup Artists as well as Hair Stylists. Book an appointment now and you will have everyone gazing at your wedding pictures for years to come!

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