Makeup Ideas For Republic Day To Flaunt Your Patriotism.
January 25, 2018

The Republic Day and Independence Day are two occasions when no Indian leaves the opportunity to display their patriotism. People do it in different ways – some wake up early to watch the parade on TV while some actually participate in various parades that are organized all over the country, some watch patriotic movies while others listen to and sing patriotic songs throughout the day.

Won’t it be a wonderful idea to express our patriotism through makeup!? This Republic day, flaunt your patriotism with these Makeup Tips.


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For a natural glow on your cheeks, use a coral blush. You can also sport an orange-ish blush to make it look more thematic. If you are the highly patriotic kind, go ahead and paint the tricolour flag on your cheeks

Nail Art

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Nail Arts are the easiest and the best way to show your patriotism. You can use the three colours in different ways to create several types of nail arts. Use blue colour if you really want your nails to pop up.


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I am sure you must have tried different shades of eyeliner- blue, green, grey and what not. This Republic day, go bold with white eyeliner. You would be surprised to see how it instantly brightens the eyes. If white is too quirky for you, you can always opt for a green or blue one. Pair it up with a blue bindi and you are ready to slay. 

Eye Shadow

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If you are the bold, quirky type, go for the traditional tricolour inspired eyeshadow. But remember to keep other makeup neutral so that the eye is the centre of attention. If you want a subtle look, use green or orange eyeshadow and blend it in by mixing some black eyeshadow to create a smokey eye.


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If you go for a bold eye makeup, use a neutral shade for the lips. You can also use orange lipstick for more pronounced effect. If quirky is your style, you can go for a double lip colour.

This Republic day, wear plain white to represent an all-inclusive democracy and highlight your love for the nation with some bold makeup!

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