9 Things To Do If You Are Your Own Valentine
February 06, 2018

Valentine’s Day is approaching and you are freaking out because you don’t have a date? Guess what, we don’t need a date to celebrate this time! The day is all about love and love cannot be restricted by some narrow definitions.  Love is not in another person, it is your very nature. It is what your soul is made of. Take this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to nurture yourself and bring out your own better half! Here are a few things you can do to make the day memorable.

Get a makeover

“Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves”. Change may sound scary in the beginning but you know what, nothing great was ever achieved without visualizing the change. The easiest thing you can change is yourself. We are not even talking about habits here, I am sure all of us have tried and failed multiple times with that! Let us try a different approach this time – go for a makeover. Get a funky haircut or experiment with hair colour. You will feel enthusiastic and happy. This will trigger positivity within you and then we can move on to changing those obstinate habits. If you really want a change but are tight on budget, Glam Studios is the place for you! Hurry to your nearest Glam Studios and get your dream haircut at amazing prices!

Shop till you drop!

How can we miss out on this basic necessity? Go alone or with your girl gang, go street shopping or go for the amazing deals at huge brands, but GO! This Valentine’s, dress up not for anybody but yourself. It is important to feel good about yourself. It boosts confidence and uplifts your spirit. Buy whatever you like without having to worry about anybody’s ‘valuable’ opinion.

Visit an…. amusement park!

I know this sounds a little different, but don’t you feel that is what life is all about, being different? I am sure you don’t even remember the last time you visited an amusement park (honestly speaking, I don’t!). Take this Valentine’s as an opportunity to do something different from the crowd and share your experiences.

Pamper yourself

Beauty Center

Use the day to relax (that is what we need and crave the most anyway!). Complement the day with a spa or facial to rejuvenate both from the outside and within. Visit any Glam Studios to avail exciting offers for the same.

Hot Hot chocolate!

Who does not love chocolate? Celebrate this Valentine’s snuggled in your blanket sipping a BIG mug of hot chocolate while watching your favourite movie.

Be a proud bibliophile

Valentine’s is all about love and when it comes to love, how can we forget books! Take the day as an opportunity to explore the book markets of Delhi and gift yourself a whole new set of books. If you prefer to snuggle in bed instead of going out, then finish that old book that has been sitting on your shelf for months now, waiting for you to find time for it.

Find your schoolmate!

How long has it been since you haven’t met your school bestie? For all the kids who have grown up watching Shah Rukh Khan movies, I am sure ‘Pyaar Dosti Hai’. Meet up with old friends and enjoy the ride down memory lane. If you love partying, then go out with your friends and party! You don’t even need to worry about looking your best. Visit any Glam Studios and avail exciting offers on group makeup. Friends who dress up together stay together!

Go on a date with yourself

I recently discovered this technique of self-improvement. If you want your life back on track, sit down and introspect. Write down your strengths and how you can make the best use of these to achieve your goals. This Valentine’s, gift yourself a focused and balanced life.

Learn to Bake

I am sure everybody wants to learn to bake but haven’t found the time yet. Now is the best time! Bake and eat it yourself. Trust me these are the benefits of being single, you don’t have to share the cake with anyone!

This Valentine’s day, just celebrate. Without worrying about your date or your friend’s date or about any random thing, just breathe deeply and celebrate!