Haven’t Found Your Makeup Wali Aunty For Your Sister’s Wedding? Here Is What You Should Do.
February 14, 2018

The wedding season is on and everybody is busy with the preparations. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, you struggle to book your makeup wali aunty for your sister’s wedding and are disappointed again and again because almost everybody has been already booked and been paid some advance. This is where we come to your rescue! Call up your nearest Glam Studios and book Professional Makeup Artists at amazing prices.

Glam Studios presents a group makeup offer for weddings, the wedding kiosk, which includes makeup of minimum ten persons, only for Rs. 999/ person. Hiring Professional Makeup Artists at amazingly reasonable prices is not wishful thinking anymore! Hurry to book your appointment and fulfill your long time wish of looking absolutely stunning at your brother’s wedding.

Choosing Glam Studio’s ‘wedding kiosk’ over your regular makeup wali aunty is a more promising bet for multiple reasons. Firstly, all our makeup artists are trained, skilled and experienced. There is no guarantee for the skills of untrained people who started doing makeup as a hobby. With us, you can be assured of excellent service. Secondly, the price is definitely reasonable, keeping in mind the expertise of the artists. Thirdly, the makeup artists are absolutely professional. In India, you already have enough people trying to find suitable rishtas for every youngster they can lay their eyes on. I am sure you don’t want to be targeted by your neighbouring makeup wali aunty! It is even worth paying a little extra money to avoid all the “ab tumhari bhi shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai” nonsense.

Everyone who is fond of makeup would totally understand the necessity of using good quality makeup products and clean makeup brushes. With us, you can be assured of hundred percent clean and hygienic products. When it comes to looking after your skin, you should avoid any compromise, be it sharing your products or using expired makeup. Our makeup artists ensure that this does not happen on the big day. Besides this, our makeup artists would make sure that the makeup looks fresh and bright but definitely not overdone.

We understand that everybody is busy during weddings, and therefore you can expect absolute punctuality from our makeup artists. We realize the value of your time and money, and would be obliged to provide you with the best services at the appointed time.


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