7 Reasons For Hair Fall And Their Solutions
September 11, 2017

Ever wondered why your hair breaks way too much, giving you a mini-heartbreak each time? There are a lot of reasons behind it, and all those reasons are nothing but things which often remain unnoticed. If you start taking care of these facts, you can see the transformation and fall in love with your new, healthier and stronger hair. We bring to you, seven reasons for hair breakouts and their solutions-

  1. Styling Wet Hair

Using a brush or comb on wet hair causes strands to snap. If you keep on doing this to your hair regularly, the hair fall will increase rapidly causing severe damage to your hair.

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Solution– Stick to using your fingers to detangle while your hair is wet to minimize breakage when hair is at its weakest.

  1. Tying Your Hair Tight

Pulling hair back into a tight bun or ponytail can cause stress at the hairline. You can also cause breakage if you continually put hair in the same style.

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Solution– It is necessary for you to change your hairstyle. Switch it up to save your strands. You should also be cautious of hair accessories that tug and pinch.

  1. Flat Ironing Your Hair Daily

Heat damages your hair severely. It can dry out your strands and cause breakage as well.

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Solution– Try turning down the temperature, and always use a heat protectant. You can skip the heat styling altogether.

  1. Bleaching Your Hair Regularly

Over processed hair can turn brittle and fragile.

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Solution– Use natural ways to lighten your hair, or go for Ombré hair. If you must colour your hair, at least make sure to add moisture to a regular deep-conditioning regimen.

  1. Split Ends

If you skip regular haircuts or if you avoid cutting your split ends, in the end, they might just break off.

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Solution– Make sure to keep regular haircuts at a good Salon (monthly) for healthier, break-resistant hair.

  1. Sleeping On a Cotton-Pillowcase

If you observe a bit of breakage at the back of your head. It may be caused by the friction between your hair and the cotton pillowcase.

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Solution– Start sleeping on a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one.

  1. Taking Inappropriate Diets

Your hair needs protein to stay strong as it can repair weak spots in the hair shaft, warding off breakage. But also, too much protein can make the hair brittle, and too much moisture makes strands too flexible, which then become easier to break.

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Solution– It’s important to find the right balance of moisture and protein. Get yourself a healthier diet. You can also consult a dietician.

These are a few tricks that might help you get better and healthier hair. If you’re wanting to get your hair coloured, we are happy to help. Click Here