Five Talcum Powder Beauty Hacks
March 12, 2018

Talcum powder has the tendency to make us nostalgic. It’s associated with our childhood days when our mother used to coat us in layers of talcum powder in order to make us look fresh! But little did we know that talcum powder has much more utility than making small kids look beautiful.

So here we bring you five Talcum powder beauty hacks. We assure you that it is not only going to remind you of your pleasant childhood days but will also prove an economical beauty hack.

  1. Dry Shampoo

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Showering every day is not feasible and is bad for the hair health. In order to save time and to avoid oily scalp, use Talcum Powder.  It’s pretty simple! Just dab a few puffs of the powder on the hair. Make sure you don’t do it in excess and if you do, brush it away. The powder will absorb the extra oil and will leave you with shiny, fluffy hair.

  1. Long Lashes

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We are all fans of long eyelashes but using artificial eyelashes not only looks incredibly fake but also gives a heavier sensation to the eyes. In order to ditch the fake eyelashes, use a bit of powder on the lashes (with the help of an eye brush) right after applying a coat of mascara. You could repeat it twice for better effect. This will not only make your eyelashes look longer but will also make sure that the mascara stays for long!


  1. Waxing

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What would the world be if not for talcum powder? Talcum powder is indeed a lifesaver when it comes to waxing. A thin layer of talcum powder when applied on the skin before waxing, not only reduces the impact of hotness of the wax on the skin but also helps to absorb the extra moisture of the skin and thus helps in painless waxing with brilliant results. Even after waxing, talcum powder helps to soothe the skin. If you haven’t used talcum powder before/after/during waxing, trust me you’re missing a lot in life!


  1. Lipstick

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We are all tired of our lip shades withering with time and it’s indeed difficult to keep track. Well, worry no more, talcum powder is here to save you from the trouble of applying lipstick over and over again. Just follow these simple steps. First, apply lipstick. Second, use a tissue paper to cover your lips and gently dab the tissue paper will talcum powder. Third, Remove the tissue paper and apply another coat of lipstick. This will ensure that the lipstick stays on for a longer duration.


  1. Sweat

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If there’s one thing that talcum powder is a professed hater of, it’s sweat. Talcum powder helps keep the sweat at bay. Just simply apply talcum powder on your dry skin, preferably after bathing and voila! You shall sweat no more, also, you’ll smell extremely fresh and enticing!


So these were the beauty hacks that our comrade, Talcum Powder is capable of. Use them for a better, carefree and fragrant life!