Types Of Eyeliner And How To Use Them Properly
March 14, 2018

Eyeliner is one of the elementary makeup weapons which when used properly has an astounding effect! More often than not, the art of applying an eyeliner is taken for granted but these days with the market bursting with various kinds of eyeliners, it becomes imperative for us to understand the different kinds of eyeliners and the ways in which we can employ them for a refreshing look!

Here’s your guide to the different kind of eyeliners and the methods you can exercise to use them more effectively:


Pencil Eyeliner

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It is a cross between a Kajal and a Kohl eyeliner. It’s good for the waterline, for tight-lining, and if you have a sharp tip, even a cat-eye! The staying power of this eyeliner is around three hours.  You can apply it very easily just like a pencil!  Just trace it along your upper and lower lash lines, and smudge it gently. Run it along your upper and lower waterlines for added darkness. You can also run small dashes underneath your lashes for a totally natural look.

Gel Eyeliner

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Gel Eyeliner comes in a small pot, usually with a brush included. Gel eyeliners are waterproof and usually stay put for relatively long hours, they are also very easy to scrub off as they are made up of gel. They are very easy to apply, just dab your brush in the small pot and apply away, the gel will make sure that you don’t encounter smudging difficulty whilst applying. You will get a clean, precise line thanks to the thicker formula and precise brush. You can also switch the brush to get different results. The creamy consistency is easy to work with, and it’s pretty easy to control.

Liquid Eyeliner

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Liquid eyeliners usually come with marker-type tips and are great for creating clean lines that swoop or flick! They can be slightly tricky to apply but you can always ease your task by drawing the shape you want with the brush or applicator and then by filling it in. They come in a wide range of colours and finishes and are great to give you really thin lines and can add darkness to your upper lash lines. The only drawback is that they are prone to smudge as they take a while to dry but once you’re over this slightly difficult part, you are bound to be greeted with long-lasting eyeliner!

Felt tip Eyeliner

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 It’s basically liquid eyeliner but instead of a brush, it has a felt-tip. It has long lasting powers and comes with a variety of uses. Its most common use is for a quick and easy cat-eye effect because it allows you to create thick and thin lines depending on how you hold the marker. Hold it flat against your eye for thicker lines and more perpendicular to your eye to draw thinner, crispier lines. It also allows you to create a defined winged eye or a graphic block liner!

Now that you know the various kinds of eyeliners and the various effects they create, we hope you will able to choose wisely according to your desired result!