Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair And Skin
March 19, 2018

Using Rice water is probably one of the cheapest ways to take care of our hair and skin. Ordinarily, we drain out the water after cooking but we assure you that after this article, you will be bound to employ it to take care of your hair and skin. It is filled with minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are very beneficial to both hair and skin and here we provide you with an easy guide to help you use rice water to take care of the same.

   Benefits For Skin

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  • Facial Cleanser and Toner

Rice Water can be used as a facial cleanser. Just simply apply it on your face using a cotton pad and let it dry. It will get absorbed and will leave the skin softer and tighter. It will also act as a toner and will minimize the appearance of pores.

  • Acne and Skin Inflammation Treatment

It helps in treating acne as it helps in cooling the skin. Because of its cooling property, it can also be applied to inflammable or sunburnt body parts and it is bound to soothe the skin. Since summers are almost here, here are the few things that will help you take care of your skin. To know more, click here

  • Treatment of Age Spots

Rice water contains Vitamin E and Ferulic acid which prevents skin ageing and reduces age spots. So, you could apply it to your skin on a daily basis to keep your skin young and fresh!

  • Brightens Skin

It helps improve your skin tone and is way better than using products which always come with a hidden disadvantage. It results in a smoother, brighter skin!

Benefits For Hair

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  • Ensures Hair Health

Wash your hair with rice water for healthier hair as rice contains proteins which strengthens the hair shaft and fills in the cracks and thus results in shinier and softer hair. Apart from proteins, it also contains inositol, a kind of carbohydrate that prevents hair damage. To read more, Click here.

  • Manages Fizzy Hair

It work wonders when it comes to frizzy and unmanageable hair. Rice water has a lot of proteins that conditions the hair. It also helps detangle the hair and also improve hair elasticity.

  • Hair Conditioner

Ditch your normal conditioner and go organic with Rice Water! Here’s how you use it as conditioner: Just add a few drops of rosemary, lavender or germanium essential oil to the water and apply all over your tresses. Let it stay for 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

  • Longer Hair

Using it as a shampoo or conditioner can really help your hair grow a lot faster! The Yao women, of China, are famous for their very long hair and they are believed to have it because of their use of rice water.

We hope that we have provided you with enough reasons to use rice water for your hair and skin. It is not only an environment-friendly method as you make use of water that otherwise gets wasted, but is also economical!