Hair care tips for monsoon
August 02, 2018

Monsoon arrives; almost everyone is concerned about their hair. Protect your hair from the humid weather outside by a gentle care of it. Love your hair for a better you. Care for your hair in between your running schedule. Here are some tips by which you can protect your hair and make them beautiful:

1. Keep your Hair Dry: In the monsoon you may be tempted to step out in the rain. Whether it is a heavy downpour or a light drizzle, rain water is dirty and acidic. So avoid wetting your hair unless it is necessary. Excess moisture when settled in the scalp can cause infections, so wash your hair with shampoo right away.


2. Follow the proper hair wash routine: Be sure to wash your hair twice or thrice a week. During monsoon the secretion of oil is more on the hair scalp which increases frizzy hair and under nourished. Use a mild antibacterial hair shampoo that will nourish your hair while also fight against fungal and bacterial infections.


3. Don’t forget conditioner: A nutrient rich conditioner is a must during the rainy season. This helps to fight frizz and locks nourishment in the strands. Apply conditioner only at the end of the hair strands rinse it off for extra shine. If you are using a leave-in conditioner then, it will form a protective layer and protect your hair from the rain.


4. Use the correct comb: It is essential to use a right comb in the monsoon. When dealing with wet hair, you should use wide tooth comb. It helps in de-tangle your hair easily and reduces breakage. You can also use comb during conditioning your hair, as it helps in even application of conditioner.


5. Remember to oil: A good hair oil massage will not wonder for your hair this season. Apply oil to your hair once or twice a week. A gentle massage will avoid breakage and provide deep conditioning which keeps hair healthy and conditioned.


6. Pay attention to styling: Do not tie your hair up during rains. Tied hair will cause rain water to hibernate in your hair. This makes hair lumpy and frizzy. If you do wish to tie your hair then only opt for buns and loose ponytails.


7. Eat Smart: Your diet plays an important role in Hair Care. The correct diet can straighten your hair follicles and promoted healthy hair growth. Eat food that is rich in protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids such as spinach, walnuts, mackerel, salmon, carrots, etcetera. Avoid junk food and caffeine like coffee and tea will causes dehydration of your hair.


8. Go short: A Haircut is easy way to reduce the stress of hair maintenance. If you have ever wished to cut your hair short but were unsure about it, this is a best time. Short hair is easy to maintain and keep healthy during monsoon.


9. Waterproof your hair: Invest in some good quality waterproof jackets and umbrellas during monsoon. Make sure you carry these whenever you leave home. This is the easy way to avoid wetting your hair and protecting it from unpredictable rain.


10. Trying natural remedies: Attempt to make and apply hair masks by following do-it-yourself to whip these up at home. You can often make organic shampoos and conditions by using ingredients from kitchen. These homemade creations do not contain the chemicals commonly found in hair care products.


Caring and nourishing your hair is only your responsibility and how to fulfill the responsibility is your wish, do visit GLAM STUDIO’S nearby Salon for a healthy and beautiful hair experience. Make your hair feel the love you do to them. Let your hair feel protected.