Pros And Cons Of Perm Hair
August 28, 2021


It has always been really typical for girls to actually decide whether curly hair is better or the straight ones. Every curly haired girl dreams of having straight hair and vice versa. A perm is a hairstyle trend that is done by setting the hair in waves or curls and then treating your hair with chemicals for the long-lasting look. These perms can create styles that women of every age group can fascinate about.

Curly-haired girls know that having a good hair day is so much harder than how it seems to be. The straight hair girls think of having temporary curls, by which they can experience both (straight and curly hair). Getting your hair permanent solution will let you get rid of many daily problems, and can even put you in a mess. The most important benefit of perming your hair is that it brings your volume back and gives a beautiful shine to your hair. Now, there is no need to waste much time in blow-drying and styling your hair. It is because there is one permanent solution to all your problems.

Pros of having perm hair –


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Unlike straight hair, curly hair requires less strict hair care routines and one can have an outing worthy hair look in just 5 mins. And even if you have straight hair , then temporary hair curling will just take 5 mins to get a go to look, with a curler.


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Curly hair has always been synonymous to volume. Lots of hair volume means lots of confidence and a quirky look! If your main aim about getting curls is to gain more volume then perming will definitely help. No doubt people with thin hair want to make their hair look thick, so they go for perming.


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For anyone having curly hair, it’s easy to get ready in 10 mins , which saves a lot of time and water as well!! So being a curly haired girl you are helping the environment as well. *GIGGLES*. All you have to do is to book an appointment in your hair salon, for the best hair washing experience, and with that you don’t have to wash it for a week .


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Unlike wavy hair and straight hair , curly hair does not get entangled at a high degree and with this the hair fall is less. This is the most important advantage of getting temporary perms is that it slows down hair fall.


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The simplest and the most important reason for the people who do perm to their hair is to make them look good, and to not have straight hair anymore. They must have spent hours in front of the mirror imagining themselves , how they will look if they will perm their hair. or maybe have tried some virtual hair styling tools online to make them look good.


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Think about the benefits you will get if you go for a perm. Curling iron is something that falls into this category- you can save a lot of time and can have more sleep rather than to wake up early and fix your bed hair every morning . You will get relief from using a perm rod- that’s a privilege that many girls would love to have.

Are you tired of straightening the problematic area of your hair? Well, the girls with permed hair have some advantages over straight hair ones.

Hair Salon in India is the best decision to style up your hair , for every occasion . You just have to book your appointment and YEAH!! IT’S A GO!!

Cons of having perm hair –


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Whether it’s a permanent curl or a temporary curl , it doesn’t show the actual length of your hair ,as they get rolled up.


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If you want to style it in any other way then it’s a big NO. We would suggest that , be peculiar about the way you look when it comes to perming your hair, because this is how you will appear all the time. Simple things like tying your hair in a bun or a braid will become a challenge for you and it will make it more complicated. So, you better be sure about having perm hair because you won’t be able to undo it anywhere easily.


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Brushing curly hair feels more like lifting up dumbbells because it needs a lot of shoulder strength to comb up your hair.


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Having curly hair feels like a nest over your head at times because it denies passage of air thus giving a heavy headed feeling to the person.


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You can’t wash your hair directly for 1-2 days after perming your hair. That’s the rule, as you don’t want to have loosen up curls that you just got which might be a small disadvantage, but after perming it leaves a weird smell, so the person wants to wash it anyway, but couldn’t.


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If you have dry hair then don’t even think of having perms, as perming itself makes your hair dry and frizzy, and brittle as it requires chemical usage which can damage your hair to an extent. Perming chemically damages the outer coating of your hair which means that dryness will become a part of your everyday life.

Some women get so much influenced by curls that rather than having temporary hair curling , they just have permanent curls. But as they say, something permanent comes at a cost which is the shininess of your hair, as it requires lots of chemical treatments to get your hair permanently curled . In the beginning permanent curls don’t  lose their shine , but as the days , months and years pass by, your hair starts getting dry and frizzy.

Moreover, with approximately equal number of advantages and disadvantages, we come to the conclusion that it’s not easy for a girl to choose the type of hair she wants. You still have the opportunity to get your hair done as you want by just booking an appointment in your favorite hair salon, which can solve all your problems.

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If taken casually, it may cause damage to your hair. That is why you’d need to find an experienced professional because if they do it wrong, your hair will wreck. They could end up damaged or even weirdly curled if they’ve got the perm wrong.

So for having the best perm hair, you should better search hair salon near me on Google, with the best facilities and customer reviews , and book an appointment for yourself.

Hair salon provides the best offer to get your hair done.

PERMING is something about which you know that it will damage your hair, but still you want to do it just to look more stylish.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of those scenes of cartoons or movies where you have a tiny angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. The angel is telling you to take care of your straight hair and not allow perming , whereas, the devil is the voice in you which is asking you to look good in every possible way.

After discussing all the pros and cons, the question arises , who is eligible for perming? People with short hair should not go for perming because short hair layered hair can end up looking unruly and unmanageable after a perm. If you have dyed your hair recently then the choice of having your hair perm would be a bad decision. Perming lightens your hair by a couple of shades and can damage your hair further. Also, your hair needs to be in good condition for any treatment. First you have to give your hair its own sweet time to regain its health.

Lastly, here is a message to all the Glam girls out there ~ Keep slaying your hair because it’s a fixed crown on your head, stay confident, flaunt your crown and preach others to do the same.