Get a perfect bridal look – Biggest beauty and hair trends
November 08, 2021


Weddings are the most important thing if you belong to a desi household.  If you are a bride-to-be yourself then you can imagine the amount of stress you have to go through, which is not good for your skin health.

Every bride wants a unique bridal look on their big day as it is the most important day in every woman’s life. Weddings are like a festive season in India as both Ladke Wale and Ladki wale tend to celebrate it with great pomp and showIt is not a piece of cake to find a dress for your big day, how it is possible to find a perfect bridal lookAs of now, you might have found your Cinderella dress, now the biggest task is to find a perfect shoe, which is a perfect hair and makeup look for your big day.

When we talk about weddings, we just think about the trending hairstyles, makeup looks and attire of the famous Bollywood couples and we also wish to flaunt the same.

Searching for hair and make up which goes according to your style and face cut is not an easy decision.  Here we are, to help you have a perfect wedding look for your special day. Remember that lack of planning can lead to major makeup havoc and last minute stress can create a lot of chaos.

Visiting a beauty salon is important for the bride-to-be. So, for best bridal sittings and exciting offers, search “beauty parlour near me” on Google and get ready for a drive to a soothing pre-bridal session.


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All women look beautiful without makeup, but with the right makeup you look pretty confident. From airbrush to shining palette, here is everything a bride-to-be needs to know.

(1) GO WITH THEME- If you are planning a destination wedding or a themed wedding, one thing you should take care of is whether the bridal makeup and the dress are going hand in hand with the theme.

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(2) DON’T BUDGE YOUR BUDGET – You should plan a budget priorly and keep tabs on how much you are willing to spend on your makeup and looks. Plan a meeting with your makeup artist before, to discuss your skin type and the makeup that will go accordingly.

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(3) CHOOSE YOUR MAKEUP WISELY – You have to wear makeup for hours on your marriage ceremony as all cameras and lights will be on you, so it is very important to choose your wedding bridal makeup wisely. You have to be conscious enough during your “ Vidayi”  to resist your tears from falling down your cheeks, because you don’t want to spoil your heavy makeup and the DJ will play “ Mud Ke Na Dekho Dilbro “ for sure.

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(4) GO VIBRANT – Just stick to some colors that go with your outfits. Do not choose so many colors, that might make you look overdressed. Avoid being a disco ball on your wedding day, as wedding bridal makeup includes selective colors.

(5) BOOK A TRIAL – It is important for you to know how you are going to look on your wedding day. The look that you have thought in your mind might not suit you. The most important thing that you should take care of is to go for a look test so you know which look to opt for in order to feel more confident and comfortable. 



Every girl’s mood depends upon how her hair looks in photographs as no girl wants to compromise with her wedlock album.

GIVE ME THOSE GOOD HAIR VIBES – It is very important to have perfect hair health. For the well being of your hair, start using vitamins and Biotin on a daily basis two to three months prior to your wedding. You have to be healthy from inside to get a healthy look from outside. You need to be less stressed to get less hair fall. Avoid too much exposure of your hair to direct heat to avoid breakage and hair fall. Your hair is what you eat, that is why you need to consume a healthy diet to get a healthy look.

HAIRCUT = HAPPINESS –  If you want to change your look by going for a haircut, then at least you should visit your favorite salon at least a month prior to your wedding. Having a haircut one month before even lets your hair settle and in case you are not satisfied with your salon, you have enough time to visit Glam Studios.

EMBRACE YOUR MESSY HAIR – Go for a hairstyle that suits your dress and your makeup look. Go for that one in the salon catalogue about which you think you’ll be confident in and then go for the look trial.  You do not have to be overstyled  just to look beautiful, sometimes simple things look great. If you go for a simple sleek ponytail and it makes you look gorgeous, then go for it. What matters is – the look you feel happy in at the end of the day. 

CHOOSING YOUR HAIRSTYLIST – What matters more than the hairstyle is the hairstylist you are having an appointment with. He/she can make your day but also, can ruin it. Never treat your hair as a second option because it is a crown you never take off. When hiring a hairstylist you must check the portfolio of the person, plus the reviews and ratings of the salon as bridal hairstyling is very creative and should be given in the right hands.



(1) 1920s GLAM UPSTYLE

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It looks classy on any bride and if you love being a mermaid with the beads, you should go for this. The curls at the end will surely add oomph to your wedding attire.


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It is a perfect style if someone wants a relaxed hair style. Loose and messy bun with the perfect curls surely allows you to showcase your favorite dance moves without thinking about your hair.


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A perfect bun with a beautiful tiara made from the hair itself also looks gorgeous with or without a veil. The fringe is exactly what makes you ‘too hot to handle’ during your special day.


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It has become so famous nowadays as most of the brides are going for braided hair with different styles of braids. The braids surrounding your hair definitely look like a crown on your head and you can walk down the aisle like a queen.


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If you want to dance your heart out and don’t want to be a typical shy bride, then you can flaunt yourself in this beautiful mermaid look. Make it more glamorous by adding some real flowers to it.


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Let’s talk about the look which has been talk of the town lately. Whether it’s Anushka Sharma or Deepika Padukone’s royal wedding, or a simple wedding look flaunted by Yami Gautam, it never leaves a chance to steal hearts and has been in trends till now. 


It is just a bun with a middle parted hair. How could you say no to such a look because a typical Indian bride is incomplete without it. The middle part hair also provide a decent space to put Sindoor because a queen is incomplete without her crown as quoted in a famous Bollywood blockbuster – “SUHAGAN KE SAR KA TAAJ HOTA HAI EK CHUTKI SINDOOR”.


Let’s talk about some of the trending makeup looks:


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It was one of the trending styles of 2018 and still trending. So airbags are just the reverse of it, the only difference is airbags are natural and smokey makeup are not. Sonam Kapoor is claimed as an ideal carrier of smoky eye makeup in the Bollywood industry. If she can flaunt it so gracefully, why can’t you?

It has some variations:

  1. Colourful smokey makeup
  2. Classic black smokey makeup
  3. Reverse smokey makeup  (and we are not talking about bags)


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It is a dope way to play with colors. Wearing eye shadow primer will make sure all colors go smoothly and your look stays as it is for a longer duration.


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Why only your top lashes have all the fun? Here we go with a brand new trend with both the sides adding Glam to your face with some colors .


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Yes not just the animal print dresses even makeup is also trending now.  Little leopard print or zebra scape on your lids never fails to add some wildness to your look

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“Invest in your hair as it is a crown you never take off.” Give texture to your hair by cutting layers of it and bring a glamorous texture to your life as well.

Book your slots in the nearest salon and pamper yourself, as it is much required for your big day.

So, all Soon To Be Mrs’, we hope that you have penned down all these important points to be kept in mind when you are planning your own wedding look. 

This wedding season, let people wonder about your bridal look and be ready to surprise them when they hear – ” Here Comes The Bride !!! “.

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