November 11, 2021

When we talk about waxing , the first thing that pops up in our mind is the pain we have to go through. The second thing that strikes is where to collect the strength to go through this pain. It reminds us of that one Bollywood song ” Itni Shakti Hame Dena Daata” to get waxed.

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Waxing is the process of hair removal from the root by the sticky substance called wax. It removes the hair from the root leaving behind the perfect glow to your skin. New hair will not grow back for four to six weeks of time span. Waxing is basically used for removal of unwanted hair on your body.

One of the most trending topic about waxing is – Is roll on waxing better than normal waxing?

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  • Roll on waxing is better and suitable for normal and dry skin only, and does not cater well to the sensitive skin type.
  • Generally, tiny hair are left behind as the wax strip is unable to get hold of them, whereas roll-on-wax cartridges are less time consuming and give an even layer to your skin.
  • Normal waxing strips consume more time, as it has to be applied again and again to give an even texture to the skin.
  • Roll on waxes are just as effective as canned waxes when you are doing it on a larger part of your body.
  • Roll on waxing is effective for large as well as small parts of your body, which includes arms, face, back and legs. All you have to do is to warm the wax for approximately 20 minutes and apply it to get the hair free and smooth skin.



Roll on wax has taken over normal wax due to some specific reasons and it has been proved as a great alternative in its place. Some of the specific reasons are:

  • It Is Convenient -If you are using roll on cartridges, it is impossible to drip the wax all over the floor and the customer can enjoy a clean pampering experience. If the waxing is done by a professional, he does not have to clean the wax pots every time nor he has to remove the cartridges.
  • Hygiene Comes First – As we talk about hygiene, Roll on cartridges are the most trustworthy, as it nullifies any possibility of cross-contamination that may occur while using wax pots from which wax is taken out from a common spatula. 
  • Excuse the mess – As roll-on wax or cartridge wax is washable, it does not leave any sticky residue. If we apply a cream before and after waxing, it will give a perfect and clean texture to the skin.



(1) RICA WAX :

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It is a product of an Italy based company called RICA. Rica wax is basically liposoluble wax. LIPOSOLUBLE wax is made of resin extracts and vegetable oils unlike regular or normal wax which are made of sugar or honey. As it is all natural and has no chemicals, Rica wax is the best considered wax for sensitive skin type.

  • It is the best wax for almost skin types .
  • Leaves no redness on skin after waxing as it is 100% free from the harmful chemicals.
  • Tan removal is one of the added advantage of the Rica wax.
  • Hair removal process  is smooth and does not require re-application .
  • Little or negligible pain on hair removal.



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If you use homemade wax, that would be a smart choice as waxing at home is money saving and can be done according to your own comfort .If you are willing to wax at home, you may have to purchase a wax warmer, wax collars, waxing strips and wax applicators. There are two types of homemade wax –

  1.  HARD WAX : Hard wax is the most commonly used wax for sensitive areas of the body. The primary and important ingredients in hard wax are beeswax and rosin. Other ingredients, such as oils and vitamins, are usually added in order to provide better glow.. Hard wax doesn’t require removal strips.
  2. SOFT WAX : Soft wax is basically used for the larger parts of your body. Ingredients used in soft wax are similar to the ones used in hard wax. The only difference is that a piece of cloth or a wax strip is used in soft wax, whereas hard wax doesn’t require any.



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Sugar wax is the most common and popular wax used nowadays. It is less painful and 100% natural, and is also a homemade wax.



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A happy face defines the well being of your body and soul. So, while we discuss face wax, the opposite question that arises is “is it safe”?

The answer is a big yes. If you are going for a face wax, it provides you with a crystal clear glow along with a smooth and hair free skin texture. Face waxing is always better than shaving, as it removes the unwanted hair from roots and gives long lasting results.

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Wax used in salons is high quality soft and hard wax which is also available in beauty supply stores. Salon wax usually contains strong natural extracts of wax and resins which minimize irritation. Some salons also use antiseptics which protect your skin from any further infection. 

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Waxing is of course a beauty chore. Booking in for a wax, especially in your comfort space, should be taken care of by a professional beautician. Also you can take some time out of your busy schedule to do something which will make you feel relaxed and beautiful. There may be a quick sting of the strips of wax being removed, but the soothing warmth of hot wax, and the professional touch of the beautician, is definitely pampering.

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To get rid of the pain, you must be consistent with waxing as the hair are not that thicker at once and it is easy to remove the thinner hair. To remove the ingrown hair, exfoliate every time you get yourself waxed.

So next time you go for a wax, ask your beautician for better advice. For some people, temporary waxing is adequate as they have less hair growth. Some need the entire whole waxing process to get rid of the unwanted hair. The growth of the hair depends upon the hormones. One should go for the treatment accordingly.

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