April 14, 2022

From beauty bloggers to the most trusted shopping websites, everyone is going gaga over this thing called jade rollers. A jade roller is an equipment consisting of a  stone that looks like a tiny paint roller and is used to massage the skin. It helps with lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and is used along with products to help absorption. 

Entire Instagram is filled with celebrities and makeup influencers using jade rollers to massage their faces.

Now the question arises – Is this hype for jade rollers worth your money?

If you have wondered why everyone seems to be taken with the fancy toll, then don’t worry you are not alone.



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  • Jade rollers help in decreasing the puffiness around your eyes, as it makes the skin absorb your skin care products better as part of your evening routine.
  • It’s not a magic cure for dead skin, acne or other skin conditions, but it can leave your skin nourished and fresh by improving lymphatic drainage and getting you into a routine.



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  • The good news is yes, they do.
  • Just like any other facial, it also increases the blood flow through the skin and drains the accumulated lymphatic fluid and helps relax the tense facial muscles.
  • It also energizes and rejuvenates the facial skin and reduces swelling and puffiness.
  • Frequent use of face rollers can help to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.



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  • There is only one correct way to use jade rollers – always use it upwards and outwards on the face.
  • You may use it up to 3 to 4 times a week, and always keep in mind not to use it too hard on your skin.
  • Rollers are of dual purpose; the small part of it is used  around the eyes and mouth while the larger one is used on the forehead, cheeks, jawline and neck.


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The changes are indeed refreshing but slow and gradual. So, you got to be chilled out and relax. Yes, you heard it right, it is a relaxation tool. Below are the tips to use Jade rollers :

  • Use the roller only after cleaning your face.
  • Make sure that you buy a roller having a clean and smooth surface.
  • Do not use the roller if you are going through acne, herpes or any kind of skin problem or breakouts on your face.



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  1. Reduces puffiness – Jade rollers are really beneficial when it comes to lymphatic drainage and help in reducing water retention and puffiness. This in turn detoxifies your skin, improves circulation in the targeted areas and gives your face a healthy, nice and lifted appearance. In order to see the magic of jade roller use, you have to be consistent in using it. Continuous use of Jade rollers reduces irritation over the skin and its cooling properties soothe and calm your skin.
  2. Tones Skin – Our face consists of 46 different muscles which come into play when we make use of facial expressions. The frown, squint or furrow of our brows, are the tense muscles, which lead to deep lines and wrinkles and over time make us look older than we actually are. Apart from smiling a lot, we can use a jade roller to massage our forehead, jawline and other parts of our face in order to relax our facial muscles and relieve strain thereby toning the skin to look young.
  3. Makes your skin glow – Since jade roller is an excellent massage tool, it also increases blood circulation in your facial muscles and the top most benefit of it results in perfect glow of the skin. As better blood circulation ensures more flow of oxygen, vitamins and nutrients hence giving you bright, clear and luminous skin. 
  4. Improves product absorption – In order to show your skin products to work, it’s more important for them to work from beneath the skin. In order to aid better absorption, massaging is advised for the deep seep of your skin. Massaging with your finger could lead to unnecessary pulling and can lead to skin damage. Try gently massaging your skin right after applying serum, cream or emollient with the use of jade roller to help them soak into your skin a lot deeper.



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  • Apply Serum – Start with applying serum directly to your skin, and massaging it gently into your skin using a jade roller. It not just soothes your skin  but also activates the ingredients present inside the serum and enhances its absorption into the skin.
  • Sheet Masks – In order to make your sheet mask more efficient, before going to an event or a party, put your sheet mask on your face and go over with a jade roller. This will push the serum and healthy ingredients right into your skin and give you a fresh and hydrated touch in just 15 mins.
  • Eye Cream – Soothe the area by applying some cooling eye cream and then massaging it with the jade roller. This helps to depuff your eyes and reduce dark circles.
  • Lip Balm – If you have thin, dry and parched lips, apply a lip balm and massage your lips with a jade roller. Do this for a couple of minutes and get ready for the immediate but temporary result.
  • Bare Skin – If you wake up to a puffy looking face in the morning,  chill the jade roller in the refrigerator till you party and slide the cool jade roller over your face and neck in the morning to see a marked reduction in the puffiness.


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Now if you compare the JADE ROLLERS with the SALON FACIALS , then the answer to the question is YES!!

Jade rollers can replace salon facials, as jade rollers are lessvtime consuming and can be done in less time whenever you are free.

But salon facials need more time and prior appointment before opting for it.

At this point jade rollers are pretty hard to miss. Now with this way, you will be ahead of the trends and who knows that your skin care ritual could go from a mundane experience to a spiritual one.

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